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It used to be that inbound links from websites were the most important search engine ranking factor. We all need to have official pages for our websites on all the most popular social networks – and even the up-and-coming and niche-related obscure ones. The introduction of blogging and social media has forever changed how relevancy and popularity can be measured.
Google Analytics can now measure social popularity, and that says something about how much weight Google gives to social popularity. By measuring blog comments, social network engagement, and time spent on the site, Google can get a measurement of visitor satisfaction and then come up with a point system for that site’s value. According to SEO experts Singapore, social media marketing and SEO strategies are share the correlation. Gain more and more followers: The number of followers and connection with your social media profile has considerable impact on your ranking in terms of the more organic followers your site has, the higher ranking you gain.
Encourage external inbound links: The more varied links you gave, the more authorized you are. Let SEO experts optimize your post: Google always prefers popular social media updates to place them in top sections of SERPs. For instance by including a link to our profile pages on Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube or other social media channels.
The profile pages of your social media channels will still be populating the search engines based on the keywords in them. Now, Google +1’s, Facebook shares, Facebook comments, Facebook likes, Pinterest pins, and tweets are right up there with the number of inbound links.
It was easy enough to game the system in the past and get dozens, or even hundreds or thousands, of inbound links straight to your homepage.

These “social signals” have become the crux of any SEO campaign in the last few years, and they will continue to dominate things. Google’s algorithm is now cognizant of how well people respond to your site and your site’s content on these social networks – and they are weighting it heavily in their algorithm. When you log in to the Analytics platform, you can see a summary of social engagement from social media networks, traffic, and interaction. To find out the kind of data Google could be tracking, something like Cyfe can help with tracking your social media popularity. Now, content marketing and social network engagement are becoming equally important as links. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Pages and company blogs often appear prominently in brand-based search results. Even if newly created content gathers few SEO-friendly links, acquiring and evaluating the number of bookmarks and votes helps illustrate how successful your organization is at connecting with potential customers and audiences. A social-media presence can open doors of communication and new link opportunities previously unavailable to you. Social-media sites offer greater access to people and organizations that can help your business grow through new business opportunities, partnerships, and strategic advice.
Google, Yahoo, and Bing are all integrating social elements with their respective technologies. Adding social media to your SEO strategy is a sure bet these days, Edmond concludes, as the influence of social-media keyword rankings is definitely on the rise. When you search for brand names on search engine, information of your profile on social sites is often located among the top results in the list. All the major social media sites are now using it on pretty much all their outgoing links, including the link on your profile page.

In fact, Google +1’s and Facebook shares are weighted more heavily by Google’s algorithm than the number of inbound links. Now, Google wants to see that a broad spectrum of content from your site is valued across the social networks. Having hundreds of links without any social votes might not longer be enough to come up highly in the search engine rankings.
Completing social-media profiles at these sites helps ensure the company message you create gets found. As being mentioned in the previous post, Cutts stated that social signals from social media just stay associated with the page ranking, not the play the role as the causation. According to Brian Honigman, Marketing Consultant, any URL pointing to content on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube or other social networking pages will support search engine to rank the keyword phrases on such sites. Your content must be high-quality, informative, useful and authoritative enough to attract links. In fact, according to recent surveys conducted by Internet marketers, sites with few inbound links, and a high number of Facebook shares and +1’s, fared batter than sites with a lot of inbound links. There are certain influences from social media on building your brand and increase website traffic. SEO experts Singapore believe that the authority of social account doesn’t affect the ranking of pages on search results but those links on social sites are considered as credible backlinks and able to influence a page’s rank.
However, it doesn’t mean you ignore social channels or slow down your social marketing efforts.

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