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Each of New York’s metropolitan airports provides hundreds of thousands of jobs to the region, either directly or indirectly.
In 2012, Capital spending accounted for $340 million of the economic impact generated by the airports, and more than 1,500 jobs. Over the last decade, New York City has lost more than 100,000 middle-wage jobs and this trend is growing with staff reductions and relocations in legacy industries. The NYC Jobs Blueprint highlights the need to reform the city’s workforce development system to be more responsive to industry demands and better prepare New Yorkers for careers in growing sectors of the economy.
Approximately 73,000 jobs in New York City went unfilled in October, yet our unemployment rate remains one of the highest in the country. Technology advances and startups within New York City’s Silicon Alley have created thousands of tech jobs in the city over a very short period of time.
For the NYC Jobs Blueprint, The Partnership for New York City worked with the global consulting firm McKinsey & Co. In part 3 of this week’s series, we look at how employers are prepared to come to the table and help our education system provide more real-world skills that can translate into jobs. The Academies for Software Engineering are high schools that focus on preparing students for jobs in the rapidly growing computer sciences field.
Secretarial schools offered professional training, which made it possible for many women to enter the career without a full college education.

In the early 1970s, a group of secretaries at Harvard formed 9to5, a group with a mission to change the image and working conditions for women office workers. Along with those movements, workplaces started to rename the job "administrative assistant" or "office professional," to reflect the shifting perception of secretaries. Full-time female secretaries and administrative assistants earned an average salary of $34,304 in 2010.
Despite popular belief, many of these positions do not carry six-figure salaries, but they are good paying, middle-wage jobs that anchor the city’s middle class.
Innovation economy jobs require far more technical training than the Regents diploma track allows for.
In addition, these jobs have high average wages that support families throughout New York and New Jersey.
The Port Authority and the airlines’ long term modernization efforts like the Central Terminal Building at LaGuardia, Terminal A at Newark, and runway and taxiway extensions and improvements have each created hundreds of construction jobs that have lasted for multiple years. Governor Cuomo is expected to sign Wage Reporting legislation into law shortly, and we will finally be able to track if our education system is successfully leading to quality jobs. Once launched, this new tracking system will allow funders to learn what investments are helping students get good jobs and keep them. Key to the program is the commitment by employers to assist in creating new curriculum and credentialing, professional development for teachers, mentoring for teachers and students, and meaningful internships or other work experience, as well as giving program graduates the first chance at available jobs.

The Blueprint also proposes a that the new mayor issue the NYC Jobs Challenge 2020, asking every employer, large and small, to find a way to offer on-the-job experience to high school and community college students in order to help prepare them for job opportunities in the modern workplace. The Labor Department projects the category will grow about 12% between 2010 and 2020, adding nearly 493,000 jobs during this decade. The National Secretaries Association eventually changed its name to the International Association of Administrative Professionals. The Partnership Fund worked with government, industry, and venture funders to establish the NY Digital Health Accelerator and NYC Tech Connect, projects that are contributing to job creation in health IT and the life sciences.
Too often, this results in relocation of jobs to other states and regions, where costs of living and doing business are significantly lower than in New York City.
Since 2008, the city’s financial services companies have eliminated or relocated 36,000 sales and administrative jobs. Those jobs total $22.8 billion in wages averaging $51,000, which is higher than 75% of all incomes in the United States.

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