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Finding jobs on the internet can be a job in it’s self, especially when you have to find them via job boards, company websites and social media.
Twitter, the mass social media lets your job hunt much easier and smoother than you ever dream off! Twitter works on microblogging services effectively using instant messaging, web interfaces and SMS.
Fortunately, there is a way to search Tweets as well as the bio section of Twitter profiles.
When you look at the screenshot above, all of the keyword hits are actually coming from the bio section of the Twitter profiles. Great question – I used to think the same thing, but when I run back to back searches with -~job -~jobs vs just -~job, I still get some results with the word jobs. Expert said, if Twitter includes incorporates a formal job board, then it would provides jobs for the required person like any other traditional platform.
As per the Pew Research Centre’s study the number of Twitters users is increased more then the LinkedIn and Facebook in 2014.

As per the result, Twitter provide more job options than other social media site, it is clear. The best way for searching a job on Twitter, users followed the specific companies in which they have interest or search by related to hashtags jobs, industries and companies.
Hashtag search has a problem, it includes hundreds of tweet on the particular job but that are not related to actual job like articles on job hunting, random thoughts and spam tweets which are use for promotion.
It is little bit harder work, because of it get the tweet in every few seconds, which increased the confusion for finding the appropriate job according to your profile. In twitter people and companies connect themselves in different way to reach out to seekers the bespoken way. TwitJobSearch is a search engine which helps to search jobs via Twitter through specific keywords.
I won’t be covering any of the various 3rd party Twitter search apps (such as Twellow and others) in this post. Also, many people simply don’t Tweet about their work, never giving you a clue as to what they do for a living.

I plan on doing a short post on my blog covering this, because like I used to, many people just assume that -~job will eliminate the word jobs, but it doesn’t.
Start following them for current updates of their companies and also there is provision of tweeting with them.
For example, too.Zappos got their web page with Twitter link which enables the Twitter users to get to know what Zappo employers are up to.
For example, search your company and you can see how many people from the company are Twitter members. The main reason for the disqualify poor communication as per the survey by Software Advice cited. However, as we’ve seen, some of the best information for sourcing is actually contained in the bio section of Twitter profiles, making the x-ray technique highly useful and effective.

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