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When I told Lisa I would take a closer look at searching for jobs in LinkedIn features I was expecting to find the same features I’d find on any other job search site, but I stand corrected. LinkedIn gives members the opportunity to discover new business and employment prospects and connect with folks like the founder of a company to talk about a joint venture or your own start-up company or a hiring manager to discuss a job opening.
You can also use LinkedIn’s job search page to discover the skills that are required for certain industries or positions. With a free LinkedIn membership you can do a basic job search by country, industry, and function. About Latest Posts Corina RamosWith 17 years of working in “corporate America” and the telecommuting industry, I have been researching and working in telecommuting jobs since 2003.
Not to mention, that even the connections you make through LinkedIn keep sending your job offers, or ask you to join their job groups and other listings, so the opportunities are tremendous.
By the time LinkedIn came around I had already left the job market so I didn’t get to experience finding job prospects there. I would definitely encourage folks in the job hunt to start with LinkedIn over other job search sites.
Really Beautiful content share by you with us but here i want to share current position of linked-in. I can imagine the meetings other job search sties…discussing how they can incorporate social media and compete with LinkedIn. The top misconception is that if just create a Linkedin profile, then you should get calls from employers or recruiters.

I was just telling Debbie I became familiar with the job search feature while researching jobs for my site. I feel ya on the price thing and you’re right, the days of anything being for free are long gone. So glad you enjoyed the post, Sue and I thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! Apart from finding jobs, it also links to some of the very good articles that can help a job seeker. Thanks for telling us about the links to articles….I appreciate you sharing that with us! I’m so glad you found this post useful and that it helped you become more familiar about LinkedIn.
I still have stuff to learn about LinkedIn but I really like what I see, especially the latest changes. I prefer how LinkedIn send email notifications about the jobs that may suite well for our skills and knowledge. As a LinkedIn member, you can find information about a company and be ready with a killer answer to impress the interviewer!
As you can see from the screenshot above, when you upgrade to a paid membership, it comes with added benefits while you are searching for jobs in LinkdedIn. Now a work-from-home mom myself, I share ideas for making money from home, work-from-home career and home-based business opportunities.

When I started my freelance writing career years back, that was the time I was very active in searching for jobs all over the place, and LinkedIn was one of them. Now, with time, I’ve stopped looking for jobs because I get plenty of them from all over and it gets overwhelming at times to handle it all. Now that I use it to search for telecommuting jobs for my blog, I can see why candidates post their professional profile on LinkedIn. Day by day peopel are doing Facebook like activity on LinkedIn and making this beautiful platform worst.
I’m familiar with this job search feature because I use it to find telecommuting jobs. Now I look for jobs for other folks and LinkedIn is a great tool for those in the job hunt.
Let’s take a closer look at the benefits there are of searching for a job in LinkedIn’s job search page. This posting is simple but it can give me clear explanation how to interact and make use with LinkedIn. As you implied, it’s a great opportunity for interviewees to find lot of information and be on top of latest news.

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