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Whether it be drama’s, entertainment programs or even guest appearances on news programs there is a wealth of opportunities for Non-Koreans in Korea to get there face on TV and other media outlets. If you have seen a TV show in Korea that featured foreigners than make sure you visit the TV show’s website online! Michael Kocken lived, studied and worked in Korea for 4 years and now currently works for a Korean multinational company in Australia while providing freelance Korea-focused business consultancy to Australian companies. Many of the foreign ‘actors’ you see on Korean TV are just everyday people with the right visa and the right amount of free time!

Most if not all of these shows will have a forum section under which you can send in a post to say that you would like to appear on the show, more often than not you will get a response via email asking for your photo’s and resume!
This person is a low level agent but they will be your connection to other jobs in the future as these agencies are regularly used to provide foreigners. He also runs a blog called “The Sawon” which focuses on Korean business culture and job opportunities for non-Koreans in Korea. Another issue is naturally a lot of the filming is done out of Seoul to avoid crowds and hence you will be travelling in a van for an hour or more to most sites.

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