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Companies are often reluctant to hire people from a different state, but there are ways to increase your appeal and reduce the number of obstacles. If you discover a dream job outside the areas you were considering, try to conduct your research objectively before jumping on the chance to apply. Ask the mailing list owner whether you can send out a request for people familiar with the target area to contact you. Ask friends in the area if you can use one of their addresses, or purchase a mailbox service with automatic forwarding to your home address. Try to set aside time for a longer visit to give yourself time to explore the area before your interview.
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Perhaps you're planning to move to a specific location, or perhaps you've simply broadened your job search to include more distant opportunities. Conduct research and talk to other people in your field to narrow your search down to the areas you're most likely to find a job.
If you have little work experience or lack a qualification many people in your field hold such as an advanced degree, don't assume you'll be able to get a job in a competitive area, especially before you move there.
Participate in a forum on the association website or send an email to the association staff to discuss your situation and ask for contacts. Besides participating in your professional association, you should search for websites devoted to career-seekers in the locations you're considering.[2] Use LinkedIn or a search engine to find the groups that closely match your area and interests. Professional career advisers in your area can guide you in your search for jobs further afield. Be forthright with potential employers about your distant location, but include detailed reasons for the move to convince them that you're a serious candidate.

If you aren't planning to move to the area for another three months, a company will likely hire a roughly equivalent candidate who can start immediately. The "hub cities" for your industry may have a lot of job openings, but these are probably inundated with candidates.
If you previously held a job in a big city or industry hub, stress that experience on your resume and in conversation with potential employers. If at all possible, pay for your own travel to the area and attend the interview in person. If traveling for the interview is out of the question, you'll probably be interviewed over the phone or an online video chat service such as Skype. If you can afford to pay for your own relocation expenses or some portion of them, say so as soon as possible as this is a significant benefit for the company.
If you know anyone who's recently moved to work for that company or a similar one, ask them what relocation offer they received. Create a timetable for each step of the process, allowing plenty of time to absorb unexpected delays.
The more in advance you give notice, the easier it will be for your employer to make up the lost work. He has started 32 articles, patrolled over 48,600 edits, and contributed to wikiHow code as an engineering intern. Either way, this article will help you find potential jobs and guide you through the application process. If you conduct a nationwide search, you'll have less time to research each job and will find it difficult to demonstrate a serious desire to relocate to each employer. Sign up for national mailing lists for your profession as well, especially if there are multiple locations you could move to.

Find contact information for Human Resources personnel on the company website or networking sites such as LinkedIn and try to build a relationship over a few emails or Skype conversations.[3] Explain your plans to move to the area and how you would benefit the company. This removes an obstacle for the company and demonstrates initiative toward making the relocation smooth. Stick to your deadlines for planning the trip details, finding a moving company, packing, and the trip itself.
Too little notice could make them angry and hurt your chance at a good reference for later jobs. Networking is one of the most important steps for finding any type of job, but getting a contact to recommend you greatly increases the chance that an out of state company will take you seriously. Attend presentations and panels by people in the area you'd like to move to, and ask them for job hunting advice afterwards. Being a long distance candidate is already one strike against you; don't slip up and create another. Prepare answers to likely questions in advance, dress well for a video interview, and be ready a few minutes before the interview is scheduled. He says that, in the wikiHow community, the fusion of friendly people with an ideology of knowledge philanthropy gives him a sense of belonging, a desire to stay connected and keep growing the project.

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