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Searching for job opportunities on general job boards is a nice way to see what's out there, however, as most jobseekers are increasingly taking that same avenue, the likelihood of establishing contact with recruiters and hiring managers decreases.
It is imperative that candidates customize their resume and cover letter for each opportunity to highlight to recruiters that they have the precise experience they are looking for. Social media engagement can have a more casual tone than say a corporate website, and can sometimes provide an exclusive look behind the corporate curtain for an insider's view of what's going on at the firm. Baby boomers conduct the most online job searches with 96% reporting hopping online for their job hunt, compared to 95%of Gen X and 92% of Gen Y. While many have, there are still people who are not comfortable using the Internet, so when boomers suddenly find themselves searching, the Internet will play a critical part in their career path.

Not having online profiles can hurt their search because companies are increasingly posting openings on Facebook and Twitter. Our studies show that the boomer generation has an easier time reaching out to friends or colleagues for possible opportunities compared to their Gen X and Gen Y cohorts. Information like this can help you standout as the perfect fit when you apply for a position or go through the interview process. What's surprising is that older workers might be beating out their younger counterparts when it comes to online job searching.
Eighty-seven percent of boomers turn to job boards first during their search, but that shouldn't be their only tactic.

Here is another spot for a number of social media starters for the big ones, like Twitter and Facebook. It also includes ensuring that employers who are searching for your information can easily get a well-rounded picture of your skills and capabilities. Those job seekers that fail to fully embrace this aspect of the job search are certain to struggle with finding a job.

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