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If you are looking for candidates holding a PHD or a Master’s degree with research or teaching experience then this post will help you to learn an efficient way to search for resumes on college and university websites.
I will demonstrate how to do this with Boolean search strings on search engines such as Google. Searching for resumes on university and college websites is similar to searching for resumes on any website on Google. Note that when searching for candidates in the United Sates I usually use the keyword ‘resume’.
The problem of using the ‘edu’ extension is that it is used by other countries, for example in Australia the extension is ‘’ and to limit the search results to the US, I will use Google’s Advanced Search, simply by selecting the region of United States under the link ‘Date, usage rights, numeric range, and more’.

Finally, to automate this search process and to find resumes on university and college websites with one mouse click only, use ReferYes Sourcer which is a passive candidate sourcing tool that searches for resumes and candidate profiles on top search engines and social networks. To do this, you have to have a basic knowledge of Boolean search, and if you lack this experience I recommend to use our tool ReferYes Sourcer which automates this process and does not require any Boolean search experience. However, in college search we will limit the search results to universities and colleges and the key to do this is the ‘edu’ extension of the domain name. However, in this case I have added the ‘CV’ and the ‘curriculum vitae’ to the search query since curriculum vitae in the US is primarily used for academic, education, scientific or research positions. Some of the advantages of the recruiters are the extremely large database for efficient short-listing of prospective candidates, and a complete end-to-end connectivity that follows & maps the candidate.

The smaller consultants and companies would be at a much better advantage due to the nature of registration and posting, which is completely FREE.

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