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The latest upwards stock market performance of SEEK tells us what most savvy recruiters (in Australia) already know – social media is nowhere near being the top medium for employers wanting to find their next employee. Australian employers surveyed recently (those actively employing staff) confirmed that while they would be increasing their advertising spend on social media sites, it will remain an adjunct to their candidate attraction strategy, not a replacement. Simple really, and while social media can help create new employer-job seeker connections, job advert boards are still king. Apart from searching by name, you can click on 'advanced search' to search by organisation, division, position, expertise etc. Thanks to Topcon’s multi-pronged Educational Partnership Program, young people striving for careers in construction have additional access to leading technologies and expertise. The unfortunate reality is that the intelligence, creative problem solving, communication skills and appreciation for technology attributes that employers allegedly seek in university graduates is exactly what construction companies want.
Understanding the demand for qualified workers in the construction fields, Topcon Positioning Systems Inc. Topcon’s Educational Partnership Program (EPP) is missioned with helping educational institutions by providing discounted Topcon products for instruction, as well as learning tools to aid in educating the future generations of surveyors, engineers, precision agriculture and construction professionals. Thomas Baden, instructor for heavy equipment operation at the Perry Campus of Hocking College, located in New Lexington, Ohio, was accompanied by two other instructors and 15 of their students when they attended the Columbus Roadshow.

Monetary rewards, like gift cards for perfect attendance, tend to have a negative effect on performance because you’re rewarding behavior that should be the norm.
Most employees, especially top performers, want to improve their skills and grow professionally. A clear strategy that the company lives by makes it easier for employees to identify with its mission.
Employers want to know that their candidate is motivated and seeing them apply to their job advert is a quick and reliable way to separate an active job seeker from a passive job seeker.
Visit construction contractors anywhere in North America and they’ll mention their pressing need for good employees. Instead, they are settling for lower-paying jobs outside their field, while carrying a tuition debt load that easily exceeds their income. The construction field includes those who create 3D digital models of a jobsite, operators of technologically-advanced million-dollar machines that use GPS control to achieve graded surfaces that are measured in millimeters, and workers responsible for accurately mapping the uneven features of a raw construction site using satellite navigation systems, inertial measurement and laser scanning.
A consequence of this impending deficiency means talented employees are more precious than ever.
This is a chance for employees to engage in work they love and contribute to the company in a much bigger way.

But rewards in the form of public praise for exceptional work can be very effective – let people know that the work they do matters.
Fostering their development will not only help them perform better within your organization, it will satisfy the need for feedback and self-improvement. Retaining quality employees and creating a culture in which people can engage in their work will help you reduce the need for new talent. For many students who are exploring career options, construction is presented as the option of last resort or even a threat. A mobile classroom within the customized 18-wheeler trailer seats more than two dozen visitors, and not only allows for centralized demonstrations of the latest Topcon products and technologies, but is designed for interactive training sessions as well.

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