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Since 20% of the total queries are local, local business internet marketing proves to be a lucrative area for website online optimization.
Before beginning brainstorming on the key elements of your business strategy, it is important to first define the key aspects and purposes of the internet marketing process.
Balancing both work and play, James is a full time online marketing specialist from Monday to Friday and an adventurer on the weekends. This article guides you in understanding the value of the Digital Marketing & Measurement Model (notice the repeated emphasis on Marketing, not just Measurement), and how to create one for yourself. The root cause of failure in most digital marketing campaigns is not the lack of creativity in the banner ad or TV spot or the sexiness of the website.
I hope that the two examples in this blog post will help inspire you to use the Digital Marketing & Measurement Model as the foundation of your web analytics efforts. Web-based testing uses quantitative research methods including, but not limited to website evaluations, competitive assessments, intercept surveys, prototype testing, home page surveys, brand & concept testing, open web research, and online benchmarking. Web-based testing is conducted using a browser-based survey technology that captures the natural behavior of participants as they complete tasks and answer questions online. Open Web Research: Open Web Research studies explore how users make purchase decisions and how they use the online channel to help inform their decision making.
As we have seen, both in-person qualitative lab-based testing and online quantitative web-based testing have unique benefits and work best in different situations.

An online benchmarking program can track the progress of your site and provide a baseline for the performance of key tasks to determine how future changes to the site, as identified by research conducted in the website optimization or competitive advantage phases, impact customer experience and your bottom line. Gone are the days wherein businesses get publicity solely from traditional ways of marketing–forms of direct mail, print, broadcast, and referrals.
Schedule when, where, and how content (article, images, and videos) will be disseminated online – social media, website posts, directory updates, etc.
What is more beneficial in social media marketing is that it is easy to specify which areas to spend on, just based on the demographics of social media users. Winners, well before they think data or tool, have a well structured Digital Marketing & Measurement Model. If your Digital Marketing & Measurement Model does not cover all three areas of your digital effort, then it is not complete. The key advantage of evaluating prototypes or websites online is to obtain a more quantitative assessment in order to better project the impact of proposed changes. Participants are invited into a study through an online intercept or email invitation, and they can complete the evaluation in their natural environment, such as their home, office or university. Competitive assessments can be conducted in a usability lab or online depending on the tactical and strategic goals of the evaluation. With a 55% increase in smartphone subscriptions in 2012 alone, responsive web design is the future of online marketing.

Web-based testing is quantitative in nature and enables larger samples (200 participants or more) to complete an evaluation in a short timeframe.
Website evaluations can be conducted in a usability lab or online depending on the tactical and strategic goals of the evaluation. Through your online benchmark, you may determine that your product information may no longer be meeting user needs. If you want to leverage the marketing strategy of a local business, you need to know how local business internet marketing works.
Having a local business website built to adapt multi-screen displays is definitely an advantage in today’s internet marketing scene. If the prototypes are mostly functional, then online testing is often preferred in order to obtain more statistically reliable feedback (several hundred users). Once a fully functioning prototype is available, online quantitative testing can be used to expose the beta version of the site to a wider audience, providing a final statistically relevant check before designs are finalized.

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