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LEARNING OBJECTIVESA career in sales management is exciting and unique andprovides numerous opportunities. PLANNINGThe conscious, systemic process of makingdecisions about goals and activities that anindividual, group, work unit, or organization willpursue in the future and the use of resourcesneeded to attain them. STAFFINGActivities undertaken to attract, develop, andmaintain effective sales personnel within anorganization.
SALES TRAININGThe effort put forth by an employer to provide thesalesperson job-related culture, skills, knowledge,and attitudes that result in improved performancein the selling environment.
As one of the largest insurance companies, Sun Life provides the best opportunity to take up a career and business that grow continually, according to your expectance.
Supported by strategy and program created to develop the business, we create programs to specially assist your activity and productivity such as Grand Business Opportunity Seminar (GBOS), Business Dinner, Worksite Marketing, Business Partner, Development Programs such as Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Empowering Class, and other program designed to meet your need and condition at the Agency. At SLF Indonesia you will receive continuous knowledge in line with your career and business to prepare you as a professional business partner, SLF Indonesia prepares development and training program starting from Basic, Intermediate and Advance.

And for sure you will have a good opportunity to travel abroad to many different destination countries every year while ticket and accommodation are provided by the company. Besides reaching your career achievement, you are also trained to acquire an entrepreneur spirit and prepared to be able to manage your own business. Each career path will provide an increasing compensation, besides your basic commission, you will also be given personal production bonus, persistency bonus, recruitment and override bonus as a result of your achievement to develop your business. For Agency Leaders, we prepare training on Managerial Skill, it is a skill to conduct team development, effective supervising method, practical leadership and how to build and develop continuous business.
Simulation and sharing methods are also applied in every training program to motivate you in reaching achievement and best result.
You will meet and interact with different types of individual and character that automatically will enrich your experience and also sharpen your communication and negotiation abilities. We will provide training and personal development that will help you to develop your business by conducting need analysis and providing solution through various best SLFI products.

Sales force should be hardworking, result oriented, welleducated and competent to handle changing situations.
The main objectives of sales management is that products should be sold at that price which realizes profits.3. Technical developments which are takingplace at a rapid speed have made the task of sales force more challenging. The role of sales team is interdependent and success of one team member depends on the other.5.

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