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The next factor to keep in mind is that the states which have the most jobs in the industry (and to a lesser extent, the states which are adding new jobs in the industry the fastest) are likely the safest places to begin a new career. In addition to helping students stay mentally fit, physical education teachers raise the bar for making healthy choices throughout life — from elementary school into adulthood.
Physical education teachers are vital to K-12 learning because they contribute to the overall improvement of education across America, which ultimately leads to higher statewide test scores. Teaching physical education is a good career choice for people with a passion for healthy lifestyles. A bachelor’s degree — preferably in physical education, kinesiology or physiology, physical therapy or nutrition and health — is a minimum education requirement for physical education teachers at the middle and high school levels. For people who enjoy these subjects, a career as a physical education teacher offers an excellent opportunity to work with students to improve balance and coordination skills, nutrition programs and weight control, and advance their interest in individual and team sports.
Physical education classes are a good platform for engaging students in reading, writing and verbal communications, and improving math skills. Physical education teachers should have stable dispositions in motivating teenagers to exercise and engage in athletic activities.
If you love all kinds of sports and you enjoy working with young people, a career as a physical education teacher may be a good fit for you. In addition to keeping children healthy and fit, the purpose of physical education in elementary schools is to give students a lifelong foundation for the benefits of daily exercise. The Society of Health and Physical Education (SHAPE) offers standards for K-12 physical education, beginning with elementary schools. Unfortunately, very few elementary schools have dedicated physical education teachers on staff. Check out this video on the importance of recess and physical exercise for young students at Our Redeemer Lutheran School in Madison, Wisconsin. In addition to teaching rules and leading practice sessions for various athletic activities, they are expected to teach students about the history and societal impact of sports. With a renewed focus on improving core curriculum standards for English language arts and math, physical education teachers are expected to incorporate reading, writing and arithmetic into their courses.
A state-issued teaching certificate or license is generally required to become a middle school teacher, especially for those teaching other subjects. Teaching License Reciprocity by State: Visit our state-by-state teacher licensing and reciprocity page for regulations in your state.
The salary for all middle school teachers across the United States ranges from about $42,000 to $56,000 based on estimates from 2010 to 2013.
The employment outlook for middle school teachers appears stable in certain regions, and the overall demand for teachers is stronger than many other professions. High school physical education teachers are responsible for introducing students to organized activities that require team participation. In addition to teaching rules and leading practice sessions for various athletic activities, they are expected to teach students about the history and societal significance of sports — from economic impact to integration. The salary for all high school teachers across the United States ranges from about $37,000 to $56,000 based on estimates from 2010 to 2012.
The employment outlook for high school teachers appears stable in certain regions, and the overall demand for teachers is stronger than many other professions. Working with teenage students who are dedicated to various sports and healthy lifestyles is gratifying for dedicated P.E.

Budget cuts and declining support for physical education from school administrators can make the job challenging for high school P.E.
Postsecondary physical education teachers cover the range of professional schools, junior colleges, state and private colleges, and universities.
Postsecondary teachers have more flexibility over the format of their instructional methods than their K-12 counterparts. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not provide salary information specifically for postsecondary physical education teachers.
Professional associations for physical education instructors offer webinars, correspondence courses, one-day seminars, symposiums and other continuing education platforms to help teachers advance their knowledge of physical education and health industry best practices. For teachers interested in pursuing advanced degrees, physical education is ideally suited as a supplement to a career in physical therapy, sports medicine, fitness management and educational leadership. BLS statistics reflect that professionals with a master’s degree have a greater chance for promotions and an increase in salaries. Continuing education is a great way to keep a career on track, expand knowledge, remain competitive, and increase one’s real value in the jobs market.
For physical education teachers who are considering a master’s degree, grade level, relevant curriculum and educational leadership are three primary considerations.
English language and literacy development are important subjects for students at all levels, from preschool to adulthood; learning a second language, like Spanish, is useful for all teachers. Physical education teachers can find numerous jobs among public entities and private employers seeking health and nutrition specialists, physical trainers and motivational leaders.
Why a white fast-food employee in Mississippi who never started college is the statistical epitome of American povertyReutersOne in four U.S. Iyanla Vanzant has created a reality series fit for a secular culture that loves spirituality lite.
Although their roles in elementary schools are somewhat limited, physical education teachers help students at the middle and high school levels stay fit, set and accomplish goals and build character. In addition to setting examples by staying fit, physical education teachers should demonstrate leadership skills that motivate students to embrace exercise regimens, set individual goals and participate in team sports.
In addition to helping students exercise, they may teach physiology and nutrition and are expected to help advance core standards for language arts and mathematics. Assignments and quizzes that focus on sports history, performance statistics and scorekeeping are good vehicles to improve core curriculum. They need to strike a balance by encouraging students through their own excitement for sports and exercise programs while establishing procedures that promote student cooperation. Fortunately, some districts hire physical education specialists to teach at several schools or to teach multiple grade levels within a single school. For example, a physical education teacher may serve as the high school football coach and baseball manager, as well as director of the school’s sports programs.
Because of fluctuating teacher shortages, states are offering alternative ways for people who already have bachelor’s degrees to get certified.
It is fairly common for students in some fields to conduct postdoctoral research for two additional years before they seek a faculty position.
The statistics cover teachers working at colleges, universities and professional schools at the local and state levels, and for private institutions. For example, graphics software and 3D imaging programs enhance multimedia demonstrations and classroom presentations, which in turn captivate audiences and facilitate learning.

These range from nonprofit community organizations to large companies that devote resources to onsite gyms and exercise programs for employees.
Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition, Middle School Teachers"Occupational Outlook for High School Teachers," Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S.
While classroom teaching is a frequent outcome for education-degree graduates, there are many other careers that may fit you and your goals. A trompe l’oeil table offers a compact slate of choices for lunch and dinner, all photographed beautifully from above. This group, according to critics, may make a lot of noise in the beginning, but it has neither the staying power nor the voter turnout to truly impact an election. These physical education specialists typically are employed full time, with standard benefits such as summer vacations and retirement pension plans.
Middle school physical education teachers are responsible for introducing students to organized activities that require team participation.
Certification and licensing requirements for middle school teachers vary from state to state.
In some high schools, physical education teachers may have fewer late-afternoon classes to compensate for the after-school hours they work. College instructors frequently serve as role models for physical education majors, who may aspire to become teachers or enter a range of professions — from professional sports medicine specialists to private physical trainers. Although they have fewer classroom management and procedural responsibilities than grade-school teachers, they devote significant time to preparing lectures and instructions for assignments, and for grading tests. However, some schools may hire instructors with master’s degrees or those who are doctoral candidates for some part-time positions. On average, university and four-year college teachers earn higher salaries than their counterparts at junior colleges. The healthcare industry is another viable option for physical education specialists seeking future employment opportunities.
Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition, High School Teachers"Occupational Outlook for Postsecondary Teachers," Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. A wonderful new paper from the Economic Policy Institute explains it all.Let's start with where they work.
Overall, the BLS estimates a 12 percent growth rate for middle school teachers through 2022. The Bureau of Labor Statistics counts 22 job categories, ranging from building and grounds maintenance (which employes one in 30 working people) to office and administrative support (which employs one in six). In June, a professor protecting himself with a pseudonym wrote an essay for Vox describing how gingerly he now has to teach. Broadly speaking, the occupations with some of the worst pay are local-service jobs, especially in the non-tradable sector. I've also included, in the RED bars, the share of workers in each state making between $23,000 and $46,000. The upshot is that, in these ten states, between 70% and 80% of workers are earning less than $46,000.Those are awfully low numbers, which might suggest that this data is counting millions of part-time workers.

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