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Retailers are holding off hiring for the holiday shopping season, but there are still jobs to be found.
And while experts say the outlook for holiday hiring appears a little brighter this year than last, competition for openings is expected to remain stiff as more workers compete to fill fewer jobs. Companies typically start hiring in October for jobs that usually last until the end of the year.
One outplacement firm, Chicago-based Challenger, Gray & Christmas, expects only a slight improvement in retail hiring compared with last year, which saw the lowest seasonal employment growth in nearly 20 years. And a survey by the Philadelphia-based consulting firm Hay Group found that 57 percent of retailers, who depend heavily on seasonal workers, intended to actually reduce staff levels for the holiday season.
Bob Kovalsky, senior vice president of staffing firm Adecco Group North America in Melville, said that based on conversations with clients, he generally expected more hiring this year. Companies are trying to gauge how sales are doing before committing to hiring, though, he said. In addition to retail, shipping and delivery services traditionally depend on extra help through the holiday season. Jacobs added that he expected applicants to include people who already have full-time jobs but who need more income.
For many weary out-of-work Americans, the upcoming holiday season brings the potential for much-needed seasonal jobs.
Employment-services firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas forecasts retail payrolls to increase by 700,000 during the final three months of 2012, up from the 660,200 seasonal jobs added during last year's fourth quarter.

Large retailers have started announcing their hiring plans -- some of them quite ambitious. A staple of many shopping malls across the nation, the gourmet gift basket retailer relies heavily on holiday sales to add to its profits. The department store operator announced it September that it would ramp up holiday hiring by more than 10 percent from last year to support its business in stores and online.
The holidays are the busiest time of year for the world's largest retailer and the company plans to hire more than 50,000 temporary workers to help keep store shelves and move customers through checkout lines as the 2012 holiday season approaches. Temporary jobs big friggin deal, is this just another sleeze plan by BO and his toilet paper cabinet, just to lower the jobless rate so he looks good to his worshipper's and possibly gets re elected. Some major retailers, such as JCPenney and Macy's, say they expect about the same level of hiring as last year. While the pay rate for temporary jobs was not available, the average wage in New York State for regular, full-time workers is $11.86 per hour. Retailers expect a modest increase in sales (and thus aren't on a massive hiring binge), Challenger CEO John Challenger says. In fact, CBS News reported this week that consumer confidence is at its highest level in seven months, largely because more Americans expect the jobs picture to improve. If you're in the market for a seasonal job, check out the gallery below to see who's hiring. But the retailer also sells party supplies and seasonal decorations, which result in a steady flow of customers this time of year.

The Seattle-based company, which is unveiling a new line of Kindle-brand electronic readers and tablets, also plans to add 2,000 new jobs at three new distribution centers to help deal with demand driven by the new devices.
The company also expects to add about 5,700 seasonal positions at distribution centers and more than 30 seasonal credit operations jobs. The Minnesota-based company plans to add 80,000 to 90,000 seasonal jobs, down a bit from the 92,000 it hired last year. As with most retailers, the Grapevine, Texas-based company derives much of its sales during the all-important holiday sales season -- and its more than 4,400 stores in the U.S. 6th you'll be laid off while if (God Fobid) he stupidly gets re elected, see how much he'll worry about jobs then. 20, 2015, it will add 100,000 holiday jobs this season across the country in its fulfillment and sortation centers, so that it can meet increased customer demand. The boost in seasonal hiring is helping to contribute to what analysts say is the best year of seasonal-job creation that the U.S. The company says it can stick with the same number of seasonal workers as last year because it has been hiring staff throughout 2012. Penney and Toys R Us are hiring fewer, while GameStop is hiring about 12 percent more workers.

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