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For the Recruitment process outsourcing expert, discovering the right talent is no big challenge. But, time has changed since then; and so has the varied factors associated with hiring process in addition to the stiff market competition making the current condition more challenging and intricate. Despite being a well-reckoned recruitment solution worldwide, it still remains as the most underestimated and unexplored features in the Indian market.
Co-ordinate pre-screening evaluation, conducting interviews, selecting the highly capable and authentic candidate as well as enabling post-screening documentation process, if any.
Human resource and recruitment are the two well-known terms of business arena that are still and will always remain in the spotlight as per far as new companies will be cropping up and the need of hiring potential candidates arises.
One of the key significant factors allied to recruitment that was dormant until a couple of years but, is seen to possess the potential to emerge as a powerful & a vital market player over the coming years is none other than Virtual recruiter.
The key basic tools that not only enhance the process of recruiting but also simplify and contribute to work effectiveness include the availability of basic recruiting infrastructure and productivity tools; screen capture and research tools, applicant tracking, skype, etc. A virtual recruiter acts as a connecting link between the company and the candidate along with carrying out the entire recruitment process right from the pre-screening to the final selection in quick span of time.
Being updated with the latest rules and regulations implemented in the recruitment procedures and the power to effectively execute them is what makes the internet recruiter an integral and most efficient member of the HR team.
Recruitment and management solutions are the two areas of business prospects that caught my attention of lately amidst the various widely acclaimed core area of expertise. The current recruitment sector has to be dominated by powerful and leading players in case your aim is to strike the success target at a faster pace and not to be listed among the ones waiting or queuing up, to attain their target with traditional approaches.
Careful analysis of the quality control process, operational performance and lending beneficial judgement and decisions allied to business. As per the current scenario, most of the companies are finding it difficult to simultaneously handle the business development processes and the recruiting functions due to time constrain and accessibility to various allied resources that are necessary to construct a relevant candidate profile or fall short of the accurate hiring space with respect to their brand identity.
One should always keep in mind to go through the overall profile of the external recruitment service provider before zeroing down on the best recruitment process outsourcing firm because the task in question is to find the apt candidate for your company.

The common or by-default set services and features catered by any RPO agency should include an extensive range of broad spectrum hiring solutions including the latest technological skills, recruitment software, years of experience and knowledge in the related field and various essential tools and processes. This entry was posted in rpo and tagged recruitment process outsourcing, RPO on February 6, 2013 by Anil Kumar. Recruitment process and pattern has changed tremendously since the past few years as there has been a significant rise in the number of potential candidates applying every year and hence, recruiting the best suited employee is what the companies are lately aiming at. Staffing partner – as the term specifies is been incepted with the view to render the best suiting placement services to the companies that perfectly fit into the criteria recruitment needs of the company, quality & standard services and pricing. Opt the staffing agency that lays a great platform to unique and authentic recruiting solutions along with following the step-by-step strategic approach such as screening, evaluation, interview and assessment process within stipulated time frame and in accurate manner. This entry was posted in Art of Recruiting and tagged art of recruiting, BeKnown, Linkedin for facebook, Pragna process, social recruiting on October 24, 2011 by Anil Kumar. Though, the recruitment process has been ruling the business world right from its inception; there have been significant additions and alterations to the entire process.
But, thanks to the global connectivity and the impact of the western world and their business tactics and practical implications in our market that offshore recruiter has turned out to be a potential market player in the recruitment. The business recruitment outsourcing providers and staffing partners have already crafted their niche area of excellence in this field by rendering reliable and strategic staffing solutions and recruitment campaigns. And, this is where HR companies or recruiting consulting agencies have cashed in the most along with building a strong bond with the business companies by redemption of valuable and trustworthy employer outsourcing services or recruiting process.
And, choosing out the recruitment company whose prime objective and sole aim revolves around providing a strategic and professional outsourcing solutions by hiring the best talent from the lot and managing each level of recruitment in a streamlined and effective way. While, the best part is that the client company is free to choose from a wide list of recruitment process outsourcing services that include complete RPO solutions, only sourcing services, partial RPO approaches, etc to name a few.
Also, the implication of numerous departments within the company each aiming at a particular set of functions has paved way for the establishment of Human Resource (HR) as a brand new department for dealing with recruitment. There has been a considerable rise in the number of recruitment firms in the recent times since; every company believes that connecting with a recruitment partner is one of the smartest moves from the business point of view.

The true skill and value of a recruiter is to increase the value from $1 to $10,000 or more through careful understanding of job, domain, candidate skills, motivation and interest, presenting the candidate profile and managing the selection process. The right strategies and the right technologies and processes not to mention dedication and commitment can always lead to productive results.
All this started with the inception Human Resource Development (HRD), with this acting as the key dealers with candidates and staffing problems has slowly changed its tracks clearing way for recruitment process outsourcing. It’s time for this so-called internet recruiter to making its presence felt in an influential and potent manner through rendering hiring services at par with the in-house recruitment experts. Recruitment sourcing that is generally considered as the current barometer of economic growth and profile is one of the latest and highly potential factors to jump onto this bandwagon of business market avenues. That’s why the current modern corporate trend along with the updated technology is making its way in the recruitment business that has undoubtedly moulded itself to become a corner stone along with keeping the current market spirit in mind.
Well, by far all of you must have come across the term ‘recruitment process outsourcing’ (generally abbreviated as RPO), which has grabbed the eyeballs of the corporate world right from its advent into the area of management and HR business.
But, not all companies can afford to have one HR department nor do they can integrate the recruiting process with other departments. Also, the wide number of employment opportunities coupled with minimum competition and greater vacancies at that time might have resulted in industries taking up the recruitment functions in hand.
This recruitment outsourcing feature has gradually got bifurcated into internal recruiting and offshore recruiting, with the latter attaining greater prominence worldwide. But, most of the industrial experts are averting from the fact that sourcing specialist not just implies the overall process of recruitment but is far more convoluted & diverse area of business management. Some of these can be tested easily in the interview process and some probably is a gut call or a marginal call based on prior work history.

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