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We have a decentralized recruiting approach where each business unit recruits both professionals and entry-level candidates for their unit.
Our internships take place primarily in the summer, and recruiting can go from November to April.
We do a lot of virtual and social media outreach—we offer a webinar series that’s available to students to provide insight into our value proposition and help them with instructional content like how to apply and how to network. In one of your articles, you used the analogy of using social media as a “side dish” rather than the “main course” of your recruiting efforts.

Social media is the method for marketing the webinars as well as additional engagement and outreach, so for example we might tweet live during the webinars so there’s additional engagement. The next step: If you haven’t already, outline the overall strategy of your social media efforts. Our fiscal year starts on April 1st, so a lot of hiring managers want to know what their fiscal year will look like before hiring interns or full-time employees, which means a lot of hiring happens after April.
We can use social media to drive people to the webinars, but also to our videos, Tumblr, etc.

We align the webinars to the recruiting season, and we’ve had as many as eight to ten a month for students.

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