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Receptionist is the representative of a company who has a wide range of responsibilities to carry out everyday. Before you go for an interview, you need to research well about the company, understand the environment and duties of a receptionist. During your telephonic or the first few moments of face to face interview, the interviewer will probably provide you with the details of a receptionist job role.
General qualities to be a receptionist includes a clear and assertive way of speaking, perfect pronunciation and attention to verbal communication tone.
A receptionist needs to be comfortable in handling a variety of office machineries to successfully accomplish the given tasks. In nutshell, you need to convince the interviewer that you have learnt many things from your past work experience, which has helped you to be a responsible receptionist.

Adam has written many blog posts on receptionist interview questions, which have helped many candidates in finding jobs.
College Career CenterThe college that prepared you to work as a medical receptionist may also be able to help you land a job. Receptionist interview questions not only cover the usual questions, but also those that are specifically related to the responsibilities of a receptionist. Reputable websites have vast databases of jobs that you can filter by job description and location to narrow down the list. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment prospects for medical receptionists may be better in some states.
Receptionists need to be calm and composed in case their activities are interrupted for a while due to an urgent work request from a coworker or other senior staff member.

College career centers are staffed with employees who maintain job listings and are knowledgeable in helping people find jobs locally. The top five states for jobs, beginning with the greatest number are: California, Texas, Ohio, Missouri and Massachusetts. If you cannot find a job locally and are open to relocating, look for jobs in one of these states.

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