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Including the Extraordinary Dream task Vault, stuffed with 2five+ hours of bonus video, video teardowns, live interwatch critiques, word-for-word case studies, and ready-to-use email scripts.
Case studies of 6-figure earners to understand the specific tactics they used to land their jobs, negotiate raises, and communicate their value.
If you want to skip ahead, this Wednesday night I’m giving a live webcast on new strategies to find your Dream Job.

There’s a better way to take ALL the advice, all the things you’re doing…and put them into a systematic approach to finding a Dream Job. I want to share some new material on finding your Dream Job — material you can use today. Then use the included audio and video files to transform your own stories into hard-hitting, compelling narratives.

And, many alums have a preference for people who went to the same school, so sometimes you have a better chance applying for a job posted in your alumni network.

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