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PLEASE NOTE: This article was originally published by the Public Relations Student Society of America -- link. Agency recruiting tables were mobbed at the recent PRSSA National Conference Career Exhibition in Washington, D.C.
After talking with a couple dozen job seekers, I reviewed the deep stack of resumes we received and was impressed with the quality of the future public relations agency job pool.
The salary gap between public relations specialists and news reporters has widened over the past decade – to almost $20,000 a year, according to 2013 U.S. In 2013, according to BLS data, public relations specialists earned a median annual income of $54,940 compared with $35,600 for reporters. Most of that widening has come from salary growth in the public relations industry during a time when salary increases in the journalism field did not even keep up with inflation. On the other side, PR professionalism has gone down the tubes, too – and into protecting the bureaucrats, public and private, who hired them while regurgitating material few media outlets have time to rewrite into a semblance of readability. About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. In a world that is becoming more and more digital, you must educate yourself on different public relations programs such as Factiva, Cision, Profnet, etc. Rethmeier is currently the Senior Vice President for Public Affairs for the American Insurance Association (AIA). One field outpacing journalism both in sheer numbers and in salary growth is public relations.

In other words, journalists on average earn just 65% of what those in public relations earn. There were 4.6 public relations specialists for every reporter in 2013, according to the BLS data.
In contrast, the number of public relations specialists during this timeframe grew by 22%, from 166,210 to 202,530.
The analyzed data includes the categories of “Reporters and Correspondents” and “Public Relations Specialists.” It does not include editors or public relations managers.
Agencies and companies are now able to reach out directly to the public in any number of ways and are hiring public relations specialists to help them do so.
And that will mean leaner agencies, which will ultimately close this gap between the number of PR people and journalists. This has been the case since the 1920s, when Ivy Lee (inventor of the press release), Arthur Page, and others stressed their job was counseling management on relationships with publics and not just media relations. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. Most internships last from three to six months after which a full-time position is offered or you must move on. That is a greater income gap than in 2004 when journalists were paid 71 cents of every dollar earned by those in public relations ($43,830 versus $31,320). There are ways this can be helpful to the public, such as being able to offer updates in real time about virus outbreaks and background reports on the risks associated with it.

The political arena has always been a hotbed of assertions and attempt at public influence, by politicians and journalistic pundits PRIMARILY, not just PR pros. When I was a TV publicist many years ago, I also was responsible for relationships with TV station programming managers, PR peers whose clients appeared on our shows, communications peers within the PBS network, and our avid fan bases on usenet (!).
Her experience also includes time in the PR department of National Public Radio and she was part of Vice President Gore's advance team when he was in The White House.
Also, corporate communications jobs will pay more, while PR agency, nonprofit and gov’t jobs generally pay less.
If an agency is doing you a favor to help dress up your resume, then a short-term unpaid internship often occurs.
Positions are being filled as billable client work comes into the agency, not in anticipation of possible client assignments.
An agency PR specialist, for example, may have seven clients in four different (but hopefully, related) industries and ever-changing media lists.

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