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AdvantagesMany have pointed to the educational benefits of these media (also calledWeb 2.0). This infographic from Online Universities takes a look at the pros and cons of social media in education. These relationships created over social media can be fostered on the community level too.4. Social media tools and networking sites encourage students to interact with each other, share ideas and to express their creativity.2.

While it is true that the more one uses the Internet and social media, the better the brain can skim and scan, research suggests that these gains degrade the capacity for concentration. Due too the large amount of information available on social media sites, students learn to discern easily between what is useful for them and what is not.5. Because it is easy to use, and accessible from virtually everywhere and at any time, social media improves communication among students and teachers.6. Students entering the workforce can use social networking sites like LinkedIn to network and find employment.

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