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As social media continues to mature; marketers and business executives who have stayed on the sidelines in hopes of safer options are feeling pressured to jump into the pool. Then, dip your toe in the social media waters by selecting one major platform as a starting point.
To ensure your social media initiative succeeds, here are five must-haves, regardless of selection. Ensure everyone in your organization understands what he or she can and can’t do as a representative of your firm with a set of social media guidelines.

Like any other business initiative, you must let prospects, customers and the public know about your social media presence. As you prepare to take your first swim in the social media pool, bear in mind that to make your initiative successful, you must have goals, strategies and metrics that are in line with your overall business objectives as well as resources to accomplish them. For more information on strategic social media solutions, contact Level Marketing – we’re here to help you get the best results from new media. To help you decide which network, here are the pros and cons of the top five social media options.

Like the rules at most public swimming pools, you should post your social media guidelines before anyone goes swimming.
To accomplish this, use an editorial calendar to ensure you have a constant flow of content.

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