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But the fine tuning that did occur in the 2013 figures certainly displayed a very pronounced geographic pattern: Numbers for California markets were boosted at the same time that stats in the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic states were lowered. On the flip side, the job production pace in Boston was cut by 21,500 positions from the figure reported initially, slowing the level of growth to 35,700 jobs.
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4 Tips for Leveraging Property Maintenance to Improve Resident RetentionMaintenance teams play a critical, yet often overlooked role in the lease renewal process.

Job growth calculations there were upped by 30,500 positions, taking the total from a barely-registering level to a notable 41,000 jobs.
Continuing that California theme, upward revisions occurred to the tune of 22,600 positions in Oakland, 21,100 jobs in Los Angeles, 13,700 jobs in San Francisco, 11,800 slots in Fresno, and 11,700 positions in San Jose.
Growth calculations were cut 16,700 jobs in Pittsburgh and 10,000 jobs in Virginia Beach, taking both of those areas down to the essentially-no-growth category with expansion of fewer than 1,000 jobs apiece. Greg began his tenure in the multifamily industry as a data analyst and later served as a research consultant specializing in feasibility evaluations of new apartment community development and existing property acquisition.

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