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A few weeks ago, I shared some tips with you about setting up and optimizing your personal LinkedIn profile. Creating a Company Page on LinkedIn gives your business a place to talk about what you’re doing, share your content, and engage with the people who are interested in you. Along with your profile information and basic history, you should also add any links to your website and other social media pages, which will allow new visitors to learn more about you.
Once your page has been created, your employees can help get the word out about its existence.
Although this feature is optional, some businesses may benefit from the use of Showcase Pages. You can learn a little more about Showcase Pages, and how to set them up, on this LinkedIn FAQ page. Also, the content and sharing times on LinkedIn can, and should, vary when compared to your sharing habits on other social media networks. One of the most important reasons you should have a company presence on LinkedIn is because you can attract great talent there.
Although posting a job isn’t free, according to LinkedIn, the cost of adding a listing depends on your location. LinkedIn has detailed instructions on posting a job and associating it with your Company Page right here. Finally, with your Company Page completely up and running, you can begin driving traffic to it from other locations. Maintaining a LinkedIn Company Page may be very easy for some businesses, and very time-intensive for others.
With more than 100 million users and counting, LinkedIn is a flourishing social media platform for business professionals worldwide. That’s great news for B2B marketers, because LinkedIn is much more than just a bunch of resumes. LinkedIn ads appear in two places: On the sidebar and as text-only versions at the top of the site. Finally, LinkedIn allows you to offer several variations of your ad so that you can test which drives the most click-throughs and leads. Now that you know the basics of what LinkedIn’s advertising has to offer, here are 5 tips to keep in mind as you create your ads. LinkedIn allows you to send people to a link on your own site or to a page on LinkedIn itself. Tip: Check out LinkedIn Today to see what the top-shared news is for each industry to learn more about your audience.

Generally, the more specific your offer and targeting are, the better your LinkedIn ads perform.
LinkedIn recommends that you create at least three ads per campaign with varying headlines, call-to-action phrases and images.
You can change your settings so LinkedIn shows your ads at a more even pace, with each one getting the same number of impressions. Now, businesses can post status updates on their company pages just like individuals can on LinkedIn. Like for any marketing initiative, you want to pay attention to metrics to understand your LinkedIn ads’ effectiveness. Measuring CTR—Whether you’re promoting a page on LinkedIn or a page on your own website, CTR is good to track.
I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn and it is one of my top highly reliable site for social media marketing. As a small handmade silk business located in a remote Thai village we have had wonderful B2B success with Linkedin BUT we have never used the advertising option. However, you will need to be connected to them on LinkedIn to invite them to moderate the Page.
Remember that your Company Page may be the first time someone sees or learns about you — and may be your only chance to convince them to follow you! Try to write a compelling, unique summary of what your business does, what makes it worth learning about, and why someone should follow you on LinkedIn. Created to replace the now-retired Products and Services pages, Showcase Pages are meant to allow companies to highlight specific products, brands, business units, or specific aspects of your business.
It’s the reason many people will consider following you, and a big way to encourage engagement with and interest in your company on the LinkedIn platform. It doesn’t have to be yours, nor does it have to be original status updates you write just for LinkedIn. Link to your page from your website, on business cards, or anywhere else that might seem fitting.
Business messages are well-received in LinkedIn’s professionally focused environment. For LinkedIn ads, there are some basics of PPC advertising to keep in mind, as well as nuances of LinkedIn to leverage to ensure you’ll get the most from your campaigns. You can choose to pay LinkedIn via CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions).
Similar to how Facebook marketers use Sponsored Stories to promote Facebook pages, marketers can use LinkedIn ads to promote company pages or LinkedIn groups.

Another option is to direct ad readers to a page on your site where they convert to a lead through a contact form. Monitor your click-through rate (CTR) on LinkedIn and your visit-to-lead conversion rate by setting up goals in Google Analytics or using marketing analytics software to determine how effective your targeting is. You can use an ad to promote your company page and generate more visibility for your brand on LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers a suggested bid range, or an estimate of the current competing bids from other advertisers. But consider your overall marketing and business goals first when you think about what your goals are with LinkedIn ads, and measure accordingly. If you have a strong CTR, but the conversion from visit-to-lead seems low, your landing page may not be as effective as it could be.
The way that you have explained about steps to be taken to get success with LinkedIn advertising is really very interesting and helpful to me. This tutorial will teach you how to optimize your Page for both search engine visibility and user friendliness, using real examples from real LinkedIn pages.
Take care to use the same keywords that you use on your website to describe your business, too, which can help people can get a better idea of what your company does. Try to keep in mind that potential employees will see this image, so you should opt for something that accurately reflects your company culture instead of a stock photo or outdated image. This will not only display them on your page as employees, but also make your page name clickable from their profiles. Having said that, Showcase Pages also require their own content, images, and identity, so you essentially have to do double the work. Although you may wonder if LinkedIn is necessary, here’s some food for thought: 89% of recruiters have hired someone through this network, and more than 10 million people have found their job using LinkedIn! Over time, you’ll be able to decide if LinkedIn is a crucial part of your social media strategy or just another piece of a bigger puzzle. Depending on your ad’s performance, a text-only version will appear at the top of LinkedIn. Calculate the average total spend per day for the last week and compare that amount to your daily budget. Looking at the minimal prices set (min $2 per click), seems like LinkedIn is the more expensive one but it also seems like a totally good option (for a B2B business).

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