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Jobs mashable – mashable – jobs, Search for jobs on mashable job board the leading news source for digital innovators. Nationjob - search jobs online, post jobs online, job, Nationjob provides an employment and online job search engine. Summary: United States Navy Petty Officer Second Class with more than 7 years in the military. We update our material on a continuous basis to support the latest exams currently being used by the United States Postal Service. This blog chronicles the adventures of Rick Ector, an urban Firearms Instructor in the most violent city in the world - Detroit, Michigan. Locally, interest on the subject of carrying a firearm in a US Post Office gained in popularity due to a recent shooting incident in Detroit. A question on the minds of many folks who read that story is whether it is legal to carry a handgun in a post office. Coverage of pistol free zones (PFZ) - places where certain classes of people can't legally carry a firearm - is addressed in the state of Michigan compliant Concealed Pistol License (CPL) classes that I teach.
Some folks have reasoned that if they are lawfully carrying a firearm on their person then merely either being on postal property or entering a postal facility satisfies the phrase "for official purposes" in the aforementioned law.

Thusly, if a person is carrying a firearm either onto or into US Post Office facility with the understanding that he'd be a willing participant to be the first test case, he'd be mistaken.
Rick Ector is a National Rifle Association credentialed Firearms Trainer, who provides Michigan CCW Class training in Detroit for students at his firearms school - Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit. By the way, if you have a desire to learn more about crime prevention, self-defense, responsible gun ownership, and how to get a state of Michigan Concealed Pistol License subscribe to my FREE Michigan CCW Class e-Newsletter now! Yesterday, the ACLU of Michigan sent Education Achievement Authority Chancellor John Covington a letter asking about this job posting (archived HERE.) The job posting is for preschool teachers at Law, Bethune, and Brenda Scott elementary schools, all part of the EAA. In that event, it was reported almost a week ago by the local media that an 81 year-old retiree of the Detroit Police Department was attacked by a carjacker as he exited a post office. Although it was not specifically mentioned, there is speculation that the retiree may have had his firearm on his person while in the post office. As such, they are not conveniently listed as PFZs on the back of CPLs issued by the state of Michigan. No person while on postal property may carry firearms, other dangerous or deadly weapons, or explosives, either openly or concealed, or store the same on postal property, except for official purposes. We all now know - at least until a higher court overturns this ruling - that carrying a firearm onto or into postal property is settled case law.

Laws covering self-defense, lethal force, firearms, and the Michigan Concealed Pistol License and their enforcement are always subject to change due to laws being amended, politics conducted in the Prosecutor's Office, and election results at all levels of government. However, the topic of firearms and whether they are allowed on US Post Office property is covered under federal law. Dorosan, a US mail carrier, was specifically convicted originally for storing a handgun in the glove box of his car while it was parked in the lot belonging to the US Postal Service.
I suspect nobody is "officially" asking and discussing whether he had a gun while on postal property.
Rick is both an appointed NRA Training Counselor and an appointed NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. It appears that what has happened here is that the chronically unprofessional folks at the EAA plagiarized a job posting for the St.

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