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On your videos page, try to stay away from posting promotional materials and copies of your TV ads only. On the launch of its Facebook page, Exclusive Books sent out a mailer where customers could win a dream holiday. Market your Facebook URL by including the address on your business cards, letterheads, electronic mailers, email signatures, skype signatures and so on. The latest entry into the social job recruiting sector comes by way of Tel Aviv, Israel, and boasts no shortage of the letter “o,” as companies like Zao and Jobvite were joined by GooodJob.
GooodJob announced the release of a free Facebook careers tab that allows companies to access features including unlimited job postings, applications, advanced branding tools, and sharing via LinkedIn and Twitter. The ability to source candidates from a company Facebook page is a fundamental tool that every recruiter should have today. Now all recruiters can seamlessly tap into the vast pool of potential candidates on Facebook. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Basically what it does is to identify my page type then recommend me the best applications for my facebook page.
Promotions are great but make sure you’re not violating any of these Facebook Promotion Guidelines before set one up. Peekeez is very similar to livestream, it lets you setup a live video broadcasting from your webcam on facebook page and encourage fans to comment, share within the tab.

What makes it different from Livestream is that it does not cross post to its official site.
Posted Items Pro is basically a tab where you gather your favorite medias to be shared in one place with your fans. PlaceWidget adds a foursquare tab to your facebook page that includes your venue info with an easy configuration.
One thing I love about this application is that you can integrate your twitter account and set the tweeting frequency for the new job vacancy.
All accounts are given 30-days free trial or, you can always subscribe to its Free plan for one job slot. This app aggregates content from a user’s Facebook page to create a virtual museum of their life. Conversely, plug in your blog RSS feed, Flickr page and twitter feed as tabs on your Facebook page.
Our goal in introducing a free Facebook career tab is to enable virtually every organization, no matter the size or budget, to benefit from this amazing resource without paying a penny. Please read our blog, Post your Job Openings to Twitter and Facebook, for instructions on how to automatically post your job openings with an RSS feed. The app allows myStaffingPro customers to embed their candidate portal into Facebook for FREE!
According to their privacy policy that “your webcam can only be viewed on your facebook page” but it’s not entirely free.

All you have to do is decide which media files (blog posts, video, mp3, web link or image) you’d like to feature with proper title, source link and descriptions. As much I prefer custom tabs for the job, but if you are not familiar with customization, feel free to adapt dPortfolio in categorizing your quality work with descriptions.
You can learn more about other facebook applications that match your needs by logging in with your user profile in which your facebook page has attached to it.
Thanks to Appbistro, I found myself a new set of facebook applications for my facebook customization work in 2011.
If you are not ready to login with your facebook account, why not browse all the applications here.
You will then be notified for each new update via email so you can moderate fans posting at once.
Work For Us makes it easy to share job opportunity with friends via ‘Share’ button or a personalized private message.
When you feel a subject has gotten enough feedback, close it so no further voting or new posts can be added to it, except for comments. Your fans can comment or share these files with their facebook friends, a harmless and effective way to increase page impressions for your business page.

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