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Published on April 20, 2008 in get a job, leadership + management and marketing + advertising. I use LinkedIn to advertise open positions in my company, but, I do it for free, instead of paying for them (we also use Craigslist and the University of Texas Access website for former graduates, since we’re in Austin).
LinkedIn redesigned their website sometime in the past 6 months, and I found myself needing to post a job listing to send to my connections on LinkedIn last week. If you haven’t figured out by now, this info is outdated and LinkedIn now charges you to publish a job. Searching Jobs on LinkedIn– this is useful from a recruiting perspective as it allows you to search other positions in your industry that have been posted in this forum.
In addition, LinkedIn also provides a service aimed solely at recruiters called LinkedIn Talent Advantage which aids in the sourcing, getting the word out about jobs.
If you click on the name of the person who posted the job, you’ll see that you may have a number of options. The vast majority of LinkedIn profiles are “public,” meaning that they are published on the web. If a LinkedIn profile is published to the web, it can be found by using Internet search engines.
This is especially helpful for those who have relatively small networks and for those who do not pay for premium access to Linkedin. I am surprised by how many people are unaware of LinkedIn’s robust company research functionality.
LinkedIn is clearly becoming the goto tool for recruiting as it is both versatile and powerful when used under the right conditions.

LinkedIn users can also post job listings on the site, and then use the recommendation engine to listings to contact candidates with the right skills and qualifications.
Recruiters can also purchase a suite of tools called Talent Advantage or purchase access to LinkedIn Recruiter to help their efforts. In short, LinkedIn is a powerful recruitment tool when placed in the hands of people who are willing to seize its unique opportunities, but it should not be the only such tool in their arsenal.
The benefit of posting on LinkedIn is that it facilitates candidate research and allows you to identify and connect with people who can recommend and refer them. They came up in my search on LinkedIn previously, but I happen to have a relatively large LinkedIn network. Additionally, here is where you click on the location (Greater New York City Area) to find ALL profiles of current J&J employees on LinkedIn. Here is where you can enter keywords, titles, and even narrow the zip radius to find people who may be helpful to your job search if you are interested in employment with Johnson & Johnson.
On top of all of that, you now know how to leverage LinkedIn’s robust company research features to find companies in your area and then drill down to people you might want to connect with to help you in your job search. Recruiters can use LinkedIn both as a traditional job search site and as a social media and networking site to find candidates, build networks, and establish relationships. Suggestion is to publish or send a message to your connections with a web link to your posting in your website. By using this paid LinkedIn functionality you can contact, communicate and interact more than with the vanilla version and, more importantly for recruiting, you can check references. Not only do you not have to have a large network of connections on LinkedIn, there are MANY ways to leverage LinkedIn to find a job.

In the case of my search for jobs with the title of “accountant” within 25 miles of 10001 in NY, I went from 7 jobs posted on LinkedIn to 1,110 on the web through SimplyHired! And when you use a search engine to X-Ray search into LinkedIn, LinkedIn has no idea who you are, so it cannot prevent you from seeing people who are not in your network.
You can also see that LinkedIn will tell you if any of the companies matching your search criteria have jobs – sweet!
LinkedIn’s social media qualities makes it a potent personnel hunting resource for recruiters that lets them both search for the right candidates and attract them through more passive means.
The more people listed on these networks and the better connected those people are, the easier that recruiting becomes for recruiters using this function of LinkedIn’s social networks. I bring this up because there are other job postings you can find through LinkedIn that are free to post as well as jobs that are posted to the Internet – not LinkedIn. Such an approach is likely to start the recruiter and the candidate on a better footing than the cold professionalism of more traditional job search sites because both of them are more likely to trust the person that brought them together.
Unfortunately, most people on LinkedIn are limited by the number of in-mails they can send each month.

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