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Photographers produce and preserve images that paint a picture, tell a story, or record an event for posterity.
Today, most photographers use digital cameras rather than the more traditional film camera, though some may use both types -- depending on the assignment and their own preference.
Photographers who work with digital cameras need a computer with advanced editing software and a good printer. Portrait photographers work in studios (or sometimes on location) to photograph individuals and groups for weddings, graduation, religious ceremonies, school pictures, advertising and business purposes, and much more. Commercial and industrial photographers take pictures of buildings, objects, and landscapes. News photographers (or photojournalists) capture newsworthy events and people for publications or television. Unsurprisingly, competition for photography jobs is intense, particularly as the explosion of digital photography has made everyone a photographer to one extent or another.

Despite keen competition, it is possible to succeed in landing a salaried position or making a living from freelancing are usually good not only at photography but also at operating a business. Career In Photography Jobs Average Salary Requirements:Photography is an art and a source of entertainment, which everyone prefers on daily basis.
Many times, photographers are paid a certain amount of money for each picture that they take. Since film requires processing and printing, film photographers will send their film to a professional lab for processing, or use their own darkroom to develop pictures, but setting up and maintaining a laboratory can be expensive. The scientific and professional services industry employs the most photographers, while newspapers, book, and directory publishers are the second largest employer of full-time photographers.
Professional photographers are familiar with a variety of cameras and photography equipment, and they know how to use lights, cameras, lenses, and many other techniques in order to create the desired effect.
Mostly each of the youth has the talent of photography but no-one wants to indulge in this career as according to them,their relatives and even their parents, it is only a source for entertainment, and it should be used for that purpose only.

Salaries for photographers can vary greatly, depending on a number of factors, including experience and talent.
Also, since some photographers only work in their spare time, they will usually not make as much as full-time photographers.The basic requirement of photography does not include any science knowledge or a degree in anything. The initial salary for the new cum our ranges from 60 thousands to lakhs and if promoted, can attain up to lakhs per day.

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