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A little healthy competition never hurt anyone—which is a good thing, because aspiring photographers should expect to face just that when looking for a photography job.
Photographers in traditional media will still be hit hard because of decreasing demand for news photographers. Whether you’re just starting out in the business or trying to market yourself to potential clients, competition is a standard part of the photography industry. However, graduates who can capture and edit video, in addition to their photographic skills, will be the most desirable candidates.

Fortunately, those wanting to specialize in portrait or commercial photography will continue to be in demand.
Salaried photographers on the other hand, will have access to company equipment, studio and office space, and support staff.
With an estimated 136,300 working photographers in the United States in 2012, photography clients have many options. Salaried photographers are more likely to have a typical 40-hour week during regular business hours.

If you can offer quality photographs, complete orders within 24 hours, know how to upload photographs, and have good communication skills, we welcome you to join our team. This rule, however, doesn’t apply to all photographers—photojournalists, for instance, often work all hours to capture images and stories as they occur.

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