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As part of the study the foundation also interviewed employers, labour market intermediaries and disadvantaged young jobseekers. Americans between the ages of 20 and 24 have been hit particularly hard by unemployment, and the number of those still looking for jobs is frighteningly high. Unemployment among young people is usually in sync with national trends, in terms of rising and falling, but not in terms of numbers.
The recession dramatically affected those graduating from college, because many jobs that would normally go to those younger, inexperienced workers were getting swiped by more experienced people who all of a sudden needed them. According to the data, the states with the highest unemployment among young people have high proportions of residents without at least a high school diploma.
The unemployment rate in Mississippi has been higher than the national average for the past few years, and the rate among those between the ages of 20 and 24 jumped 4.4 percentage points between 2010 and 2011, according to the data reviewed.
Tennessee also joined in on the Pathways to Prosperity Network, as the state has some of the smallest proportions of people who receive bachelors or other advanced degrees, as well as the second-highest proportion (17%) of people on food stamps or enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Even in Marx's day, long before computers were invented, it was entirely clear that capitalists tended to force more and more production from fewer and fewer workers.
Whether jobs are lost because of improved methods of production, automation, outsourcing, changing jobs, or economic downturns, capitalism is the culprit and capitalists are the perpetrators of unemployment. The jobs crisis of 2010, its causes and remedies, were described beautifully by a report of the Economics Commission at the CPUSA convention in May, 2010. Actually, even these irrefutable numbers understate the case, because the proportion of our population in the workforce was much smaller in 1947, before most wives were forced to compete for jobs. That jump of 11.3 percentage points was the second-highest among all states in the country for that period. If, for example, they were lying in a gutter suffering from starvation because of long-term unemployment, but could not rise to seek a job, they aren't unemployed, according to the survey. It would also have to include people who have taken ragtag temporary or part-time jobs out of desperation, and thus did not have time to look for other jobs.

The best example of improved divisions of labor might be attributed to Henry Ford and the modern assembly line.
The Fair Labor Standards Act, which forced companies to pay time-and-a-half overtime pay for hours over 40 per week, went in the direction of resolving the awful unemployment of the Great Depression. The report reviewed unemployment figures for all 50 states provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. North Carolina, along with Tennessee and four other states, joined Pathways to Prosperity Network, in order to help better prepare young people to enter the job market.
Under President Roosevelt, a great many workers were able to support their families through jobs created directly by the federal government.

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