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Description At Motor Verso we are always looking for an online intern to head up our social media platforms. The successful woman's boutique Diva Choice has a lot of exciting projects coming up so we are seeking a Social Media Intern.
Interns are expected to have experience with social media on (at least) a personal level (use on a business level preferred).Knowledge of digital media software – Photoshop or other graphic design software, etc.
The job requires 7+ hours weekly, plus we ask that you join our weekly staff meeting.As our intern you will assist with our social media marketing efforts.

You will be part of a team of 7-10 members … You will learn the ins and outs of our business and how to make social media a productive part of our overall marketing efforts. This internship is an unpaid position.Interns are expected to have experience with social media on (at least) a personal level (use on a business level preferred). You must be able to think strategically and see how social media fits into a business’ marketing strategy, not just “selling” to our customers, but building long-lasting relationships by providing value to them. Interns must be able to assist in formulating social media plans (once ample information is provided to you), and then carry them out (with our assistance).

You must be able to measure and document the impact of social media, and then suggest action-steps to increase impact.* Serious candidates only.

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