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Today, even a 13 year old kid can earn money using internet, if knows what are available resources.
Becoming a video game tester, you will not only be the first to try a new game, you will have a privilege to be paid for doing it. Your iphone built, part, 13 year-olds working 16, Update: on march 16, this american life announced that it was retracting the episode that the information below is based on because its primary source. Internet has changed the way the world operates and how people work nowadays, so online jobs for 13 year olds are more than wishful thinking.

The best thing is a creation of countless online jobs for 13 year olds to do, and you can work from home without a pressure and someone to torture you. The most attractive thing about online jobs for 13 year olds is, that there are no time limitations, so you can work anytime you want. You have to test the game playing it and report all problems that you have notice, which also means that your opinion can be useful even if you are teen who has only 13 years. People nowadays read reviews that are written about many things, for example movies, restaurants, electronic gadgets, etc.

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