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For candidates, you get to go to one site and search jobs that are online everywhere, from job boards and search firms, to corporate career sites. Do not allow job boards (or any online service) to re-advertise your jobs beyond their website. A good process I have found is search for your jobs on the aggregator site (I actually follow this process on the Big 3 as well).
Sure some SEO firms will sell you on SEO, and get you Page 3 or worse rankings on terms never searched by job seekers. You make a great point about leveraging sites that only accept jobs and feeds directly from an employer.
So to be effective, in an executive job search, you have to determine what role you want to play, what industries and organizations would support that role and what you’re geographical preferences and limitations are. I get very upset when I go to these search engines looking, find a some potential employer, apply for the posititions and there is absolutely no response what-so-ever even with staffing firms. Apart from all the career help that you could get at Jobsbridge, it can help you connect with many opportunities real time. I strongly believe that job aggregators will soon make everybody realize that the only way to go search for real jobs is via specialized job boars, say, agriculture, computing, law, etc, etc. I have my job search clients set up searches for openings on the aggregators and using Boolean searches on Google.
There are benefits of job boards that should be considered… Many offer free job posting which will give exposure on that job board and all its visitors but will further enhance the audience for your jobs by feeding through to the job search engines and aggregators.

Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite online job search sites, and today we're back with the most popular answers. NOTE: Due to a few ties in the preliminary call for contenders, this Hive Five will actually feature six job search sites. Along with Monster, CareerBuilder is the oldest job search site on the list (founded in 1995).
HotJobs is another age-old job search engine that first started in 1996 (under another name), went through a few other changes, and was eventually purchased by Yahoo in 2002. Job search engine Indeed is a meta-search engine that scours job sites, newspapers, and company career pages for jobs. Talent HQ is a premier online news and information channel for the Recruiting and Human Resources community. Thousands of jobs are posted by technology staffing companies, recruiters and direct employers on a regular basis. Jobsbridge resources are intended to be a place for career experts to leave a few cents for rest of us to ponder on. Don’t get stuck at your dead-end job, make a wish and let Jobsbridge help you find a right match. They take our application to include our feeds, send us an automated email confirming receipt and never come back or include jobs. With over a million job postings and over 150 million resumes at any one time (according to Wikipedia), Monster has one of the largest job search databases available.

HotJobs is a traditional job search engine cut from a similar cloth as Monster or CareerBuilder. Career search engines allow you to browse hundreds of listings simultaneously while specifying entry-level positions, desired salary range, location, career field and many other important factors. Employers & Jobseekers will find this site very uncluttered and has some great feature set. Job Search Websites can really be of great help to job seekers find their appropriate jobs available online.
In addition to its job search and resume posting tools, Monster also offers career advice, a beta tool for researching companies, and more. While LinkedIn isn't primarily a job search destination, the idea is simple enough: People get jobs from their professional network, so rather than digging through enormous search databases when you're looking for work, your LinkedIn network becomes an excellent resource for connecting with people in your field who know where you might be able to get good work. Indeed isn't a full-service job search site where you post your resume and hope for calls from employers, but if you know what kind of work you're looking for, its impressive meta-search (complete with email alerts and RSS feeds) is worth a look. From the sound of our call for contenders post, many of you have secured or been offered jobs through Monster. Several commenters point out that the three largest job search engines on this list (Monster, CareerBuilder, and HotJobs) all generally carry a lot of the same job postings, so it's more a matter of choosing which one you feel most comfortable with when you're managing your resume and searching for jobs.

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