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Graphic Designers don’t fit the mold, they tend to run solo or congregate in like-minded groups. Your first stop when visiting online job boards should be The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada.
The ubiquity of world wide internet accessibility has given rise to the concept of easy online outsourcing. If you are creative and possess an IT knowledge to design using a computer, then being an illustrator is perfect for you. The first step in order to get a job as a graphic designer is having your portfolio online, in case you still don’t have it, then you might want to take a look at our article on how to build your online portfolio. We are graphic designers, we’re not aspiring for an accounting or secretary position, hence our resume cannot be the same as theirs, which is usually built upon a preset template in Microsoft Word.
In some companies, the crew selection is made by people inside the design business, though in many occasions, the big companies after the preselection phase is finished decide to pass over all the resumes to the Human Resources department, where your resume is going to be seen by people who have no clue about design and the only thing they want is not wasting any time trying to figure out what you tried to transmit in your resume with those crazy designs.
Richardini Zapata (51 Posts)I'm a Graphic Designer from Colombia who doesn't like coffee unless it's a nice smoothie with sweet condensed milk. I agree that a few of these might be visually appealing specially if you’re going into a graphic design position, however, some are too heavy on the graphics leaving little to no use of white space which is VERY important. For a position in a creative field such as graphic design, submitting a professional, clean-looking resume helps you put your best foot forward.
Photoshelter: Photoshelter is a great option for photographers who not only want to show off their craft but who also want to license work, find clients, and securely store photos online. Behance: Most people working in the visual arts will already know Behance, a popular forum for showcasing and sharing work in design, illustration, and a number of other mediums. Coroflot: This portfolio incorporates the functionality of job listing sites into its design and allows you to show off your best creative work. PortfolioGen: One of the few online portfolio sites for educators, PortfolioGen allows teachers to create their own customized portfolio site, complete with a unique URL address – all for free.

StylePortfolios: StylePortfolios is currently the only portfolio site out there created just for fashion design professionals. This entry was posted in Blog: Inside Online Learning, Career Development and Job Search by Staff Writers.
I attended the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) annual conference last week, and the event’s theme was relevant to everyone involved in online education right now – Shaping the Future of Online Learning.
On Kijiji, you will discover the best results by searching your city for graphic design positions.
Approach your guidance counselor for ideas, or you can search online for internship hiring. There are so many jobs perfect for an 18-year-old to earn extra income while still in school. If a graphic design aspirant sends a resume built upon a Winword template, he will be immediately eliminated without reading a single word about his accomplishments and excellent preparation. That’s why we suggest you to share your resume before sending it to the employer with a couple of friends and people that can give you some real feedback and can help you improve your resume in terms of design and content. Although I love photography and illustration, my true passion is UI Design and football (soccer). In fact, many employers only post listings online and want to receive resumes and portfolios in a digital format. This multi-featured site offers almost everything photographers need to get their business online, including themed sites and the ability to custom-build your layout. This online portfolio platform offers the ability to customize a site with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, post high-quality images, and even take advantage of more advanced features like search engine optimization, drag and drop interfaces, and social media integration. It offers space for a logo, sample images and video, and links, encouraging uncluttered design and presentation.
If you’re a graphic designer you need to show your abstraction and synthesis capacity.

And then have to start taking notes and trying to figure out their witty line graphs and pie charts of their skill levels… Yeah that shit gets old quick. I been doing Photoshop for at least 8 years now, I have been doing some freelance graphic and web design for small local business.
The design is basic, but allows users to easily control who sees their work, who can get in contact, and how many views a portfolio gets.
Fashion-savvy individuals can easily show off their latest designs through a free option that offers space for 35 images, or display up to 500 images and 10 videos for only $12 per month. With the right skills, this is considered one of the highest paying jobs for any 18 years old.
The ones with interesting portfolios are worthy of having their resumes checked, then another part of the aspirants is discarded based on the resume design. The site’s interface is also social media-friendly, making it easy to share your work with a much larger online community. It does have a few drawbacks, however, in that users can’t use custom designs, but this may be minor to those who are more interested in showcasing their work than maintaining a snazzy site. Both of these sites list design opportunities, however they may or not have local relevance for you.
Here’s a list of some of the best and most useful online portfolios available to people working in every field from photography to finance.

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