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Get proper training: Audio transcription sounds really easy on paper to a lot of people, and hence they jump in without giving it much thought, and after a couple of first assignments, reality hits them hard.
Retain clients and expand your client base: You have now learned transcription and have become very good at it. The term audio transcription covers a whole gamut of different transcription services like medical, general, legal and media transcription. A transcriptionist takes an audio or video file and converts it to text by accurately and efficiently typing out what is heard.
Companies who hire transcriptionists will usually require that you have a foot pedal to control the speed of the audio and allow it to play back easily as you type. This company is headquartered in the Boston area but they hire transcriptionists who wish to work either in their office or at home. This is a South Carolina-based outsource company that hires independent contractors for home-based jobs like market research, data entry, translation and transcription jobs.
Tigerfish is another transcription company that is more than willing to hire people to transcribe audio without much experience. The entire application process is done online and if you pass the basic skills test, you’ll need a Windows computer, their free transcription software and a foot pedal to work.

If you are serious about becoming a work-from-home transcriptionist and you want to control your own rates, finding clients to work with is the best option. If you do branch out on your own, you will still have to prove to your skills to potential clients so taking an online free transcription test and sending your results to prospects to back up your resume would be a great idea. As hiring a virtual transcriptionist is beneficial for business owners, that is why demand is high for these jobs.
Always get training from experienced people, or stick with a professional transcription company to refine your talent and hone your skills. But unfortunately, for every legitimate freelance job, there are a handful of scams to match it.
Medical and legal transcriptionists tend to make more than transcriptionists who work In other fields but those types of positions require at least a few years of experience.
They prefer a candidate who has excellent English language and grammar skills, can type at a speed of at least 75 wpm and has some related experience or can pass a transcription entry test with flying colors. For aspiring transcriptionists, this company is perfect for landing consistent medical, legal and general transcription work.
You can start off working under a transcription company if you need more experience and to build your resume, but you can make a lot more money if you eliminate the middle-man and deal directly with the client yourself for audio files.

A lot of the side jobs and work-from-home job ideas are something that anyone can do if it interests them.
Then as you build your experience (and hopefully good reviews too), you can start bidding for higher amounts or take on higher paying jobs. Like in any business, customer satisfaction is paramount, and the customer in this case being the transcription company that is giving you work. On the low end, transcriptionists make about $10-15 per hour and on the high end, they can make $25 per hour or more but it really just depends on the company or client and the length of the audio file. But if you’re just starting out, there are plenty of companies that could hire you after passing a general transcription test.
If it is a speaker that is garbled, uses words you aren’t familiar with, has a unique accent, or speaks very quickly, then the transcription will take five to six times longer for someone with experience.

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