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There is an invisible hand that mysteriously guides bike behavior in New York City, making them disappear and reappear all around the city…and those hands belong to Dolly Winter. I was honored to be in New York City yesterday supporting Wendy's workers take to the streets for a living wage. The Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW) program in New York City prepares women for careers in construction and related industries through an innovative training and placement program that guides low-income women toward a meaningful career and solid financial footing. New York City workers would receive five paid sick days a year under a measure the New York City Council will vote on soon.

Dolly, a friendly veteran dispatcher, has worked for Citi Bike in New York City since its launch in 2013.
In addition to achieving the desired emission reductions, if the city follows these proposals, it would not only make the city more resilient, but it also would create 40,000 jobs a year.
The New York Times reports the paid sick leave bill is expected to pass with enough votes to override Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s promised veto.A powerful coalition of workers, unions and community groups mobilized around the issue that had been bottled up in the City Council. Dolly says her favorite part of the job is watching the flow of the bikes and people in the city.

The report was produced by the Alliance for a Greater New York, New York City Environmental Justice Alliance, New York City Central Labor Council, Blue Green Alliance and the AFL-CIO.

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