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For many college students, working at night jobs is a necessity; college tuition and the cost of living is very expensive. Tuition, room and board, books, student fees, late night pizzas, nights out, cell phones and more; the expenses mount while you’re a student. While paid internships are usually the most desirable, and therefore the hardest to land, you’ll want to work hard to put your best foot forward because landing one is a cherry gig. The good news for students is that there are many of interesting and rewarding ways to make a little income while pursuing an education. While tuition and basic boarding might be taken care of with parental help or financial aid, students often find they have to pick up a spare job to pay for gas, spending money, books, clothing, and general costs of living. With the potential earning power in online tools, college student writers can easily generate extra income without much effort.
Tom L is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments. This entry was posted in Content Writing, Freelancing Tips and tagged blog content writer, hire freelance writers, writer for hire. Getting a job can help alleviate the stress of financial concerns and give you a little extra for social activities. Many times you can earn money as well as course credit for these positions, and more often than not, employers who offer paid internships find new hires out of their pool of interns. Becoming a Nanny or offering Babysitting Services might be a fun way for you to earn extra money. Consider this true story: a college student majoring in business took a position waiting tables at a local pub. A bright English student thought she wanted to go to law school until she clerked in a law firm. The most important things, when considering a part time position as a student, is to find one that fits your schedule, needs, and gives you experience to add to your resume. Now, when applying for financial aid, student parents’ net worth isn’t counted, making far more students eligible for grants and interest-deferred student loans than before. Years before, a part-time job for a college student often meant working as a waitress, a grocery store clerk, a fast-food restaurant employee, or doing lots of odd jobs through the school temp job placement office. With the demand for written content online, whether it be articles or books, a college student can easily make as much as a minimum wage job if not more. The flexibility of being an online writer allows a student to easily manage classes, other commitments and study time along with producing work that can be transmitted and paid for electronically.

Further, the work performed can easily find a place in a resume or interview, often providing concrete examples of what a student can produce for an employer when given a chance. In recent years, as colleges have cut back on night classes because of budget cuts, Canada College has gone out of its way to help working people return to school to earn associate degrees. While she earned good experience and great references, she chose to go in a different direction for her career. It wasn’t fun, and students at the time often felt they lost lots of hours to minimum wage work that didn’t mean much.
As long as a student has a good computer and an Internet connection, the possibilities of earning are endless. This experience is also a bonus for those studying Child Development or are interested in fields working with children. The fact is, a good writer working two or three hours a night can easily earn $25 to $40 a day and more than $1,000 a month.
A number of students are taking their time in college even further, starting their own businesses and earning far more, whether it be in writing or other avenues. You might also think about becoming a paid tour guide for prospective students—a great idea if your major is in a field like Public Relations or Hospitality.
On the flip side: a Pre-Vet student worked reception at a busy veterinary office, where he solidified his love for working with animals.
And students today have far more ability to find flexible work today as an online writer for hire than ever before. And given the way article writing is paid, it becomes ready cash a student can use via a Paypal account and a connected bank account.
They check in with you every semester," said Siosiua Vea, who studies at Cañada College's new College for Working Adults in Redwood City. Look for positions in your field as a peer tutor, research assistant, work study, or teaching assistant, which are all positions that would help you should you choose to go to graduate school. Consider taking on students working on their college applications, writing their entrance essays. For individuals who have a set schedule to attend classes, working can be difficult because some employers will give regular hours, while others will change the hours and shifts of work at whim. Late night shifts, overnight shifts and irregular shift schedules bring a multitude of problems.
Here are a few obstacles that college attendees face when working.PayRestaurant and warehouse jobs do not pay enough to cover the huge expense of a university.

Contrary to popular images of college students -- and the interchangeable use of "students" and "kids" -- about 43 percent are 25 and older, and their numbers are expected to grow, according to data from the U.S. Though part time income may help with living expenses, a student may still have to take out loans.
Although most community colleges do offer night courses, students with inflexible schedules often find it difficult to find the courses -- and services, such as financial aid and counseling -- they need strictly at night. They keep people on call to come in but do not compensate them for those hours that they never worked. Cañada, which graduates its first group of night-school students this spring, is the latest to start a program specifically for people with full-time day jobs, joining the ranks of Berkeley City College and Hayward's Chabot College. The employee often does not know how much money they will have from week to week and can find it difficult to budget for bills and groceries.
Because students often fall short of being able to pay for semesters and books, they choose to skip semesters. The program takes about two years to complete and recently has been revised to let students study a wider array of fields, including business and political science.
They either graduate much later, or they never finish.HealthWorking at night and attending school during the day leaves very few hours for sleep. Cal State East Bay is the only public four-year college in the area to offer nighttime on-campus degree programs. Felicia Valdez works in Belmont -- not far from Redwood City -- but she lives more than an hour's drive away in Tracy and commutes in for Saturday classes.
Being out late at night can be dangerous in some neighborhoods as well.Night Job OccupationsDrawbacks to working aside, students can find work in food service as servers, hosts and bartenders at all kinds of restaurants and fast food places. Another source of night shift work is in warehouses operated by companies such as UPS and Fed Ex. Some scholars choose to work over holiday breaks for retailers who are hiring for temporary needs.
The student is gradually introduced to the workforce and is gaining skills that he or she can apply to their chosen profession. For college students the alternatives to working after classes are taking out loans, attending school only part time over many years, or taking college online while working a full time job.

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