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When most people think of newspaper delivery, a picture of a kid on a bike balancing a large canvas bag atop his shoulder often comes to mind. ExpensesBecause newspaper couriers are essentially contractors, the job isn’t without some overhead.
PenaltiesIt may come as a surprise, but newspaper couriers do suffer penalties, namely when it comes to complaints. Currently the nation's sixth-largest newspaper, the Houston Chronicle is a multimedia company publishing print and online products in English and Spanish that reach millions of people each month. Unloading trucks, unpacking shipments, and refilling the milk freezers: thankless jobs that nevertheless offered an outlet for many workers who may have had trouble entering other positions due to language barriers, educational limitations, or even outright discrimination. While newspaper-delivery robots may yet happen, this occupation is going the way of the dodo for a different (albeit related) reason: the internet. As a federal agency, the United States Postal Service has a long and illustrious history–it was one of the few government jobs explicitly written into the Constitution! Verwante zoekopdrachten voor newspaper delivery jobs njGet the latest New Jersey news from Newark-based Star-Ledger, NJ’s largest online newspaper. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged delivery, jobs, newspaper, nj by prombondtingmens. But those specifically delivering newspapers made less than this, earning a median wage of $11.48 an hour.

Not only are they delivering the papers to your door, but they also must assemble and bag all the papers before they can load them into their vehicles.
Your responsibilities could be feeding a pet cat or goldfish, watering a lawn or garden to make sure the plants stay healthy and alive or picking up the mail or newspaper while someone is away from home.
A generation of skilled workers, trained to make complex machines like automobiles, or capable of operating the machinery necessary to produce the steel that undergirds much of our society–they’re all out of jobs, and the jobs are never coming back. Here we compile ten jobs that are on the endangered species list–and the shockingly reasonable salaries that will go with them. So there won’t be any newspaper delivery men but you fail to mention that newspapers will stop being printed within the next 7 years tops. Newspaper couriers often start their days at one in the morning -- it’s when the papers are delivered to their doors. In an article on the Consumerist, one courier explains that it can take as much as two hours to prepare for a route before ever starting the actual delivery process.
If you use a car to deliver the papers, you must pony up the dough for gas, maintenance and insurance. The next time you get a paper delivered to your house, check it out to see if it has any ads requesting carriers, and ask your mom or dad if it would be OK for you to apply for the job. As of 2012, the trend for newspapers is to pay by route at a rate of anywhere from $400 to $500 per month.

Like any other courier, they have fairly strict deadlines, needing to deliver all of their papers by 6 AM during the week and 7 AM on the weekends.
You may have to wait until a paper route is available near your home, but once a nearby route opens up, you may be the one who gets to deliver the papers!
With these jobs on their way out, that’s another avenue for social advancement closed off to those without educational credentials–not to mention teenagers looking for summer and holiday employment. With the growth of smartphones and e-readers on the one side and improved electronic distribution (not to mention a broader range of options) on the other, the entire newspaper production and distribution setup is being turned on its head. Newspaper delivery, that rite of passage for so many Americans, is one of the losers in the shakeout: while reporters, editors, and graphic designers will all transition to the new system, the electronic equivalent of newspaper delivery couriers is just the the wired and wireless networks our devices connect to. However, even if it were legal, converting to a strict parcel delivery service would likely not save them: the rise of drone-based delivery, from FedEx’s pilot-free cargo plane plans to Amazon’s futuristic drones, there aren’t many jobs left in the field. Even with Amazon’s plans to use the USPS for Sunday deliveries, the career prospects for postal workers are dim.

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