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Community Voices Heard developed some of our earliest relationships with unions through the New York Jobs with Justice Coalition. Mission New York Jobs with Justice is a dynamic long-term, multi-issue coalition of labor, community, student, and faith based organizations working together in New York City to transform and democratize our communities. With 75 member organizations, the Jobs with Justice model unites labor, community, student, and faith based organizations to “be there” for one another throughout the year.
Work Throughout the year, Jobs with Justice focuses on two long-term priority campaigns; Healthcare and Accountable Development.
To respond to this crisis in healthcare and to stop the downward spiral in industry standards, NY Jobs with Justice launched the New York City Health Care Security Campaign in the fall of 2004. There is an opening in the political and public environment for change in the way New York “does” economic development. Along with our allies we are working on answers to these questions, but in short form the answer to all of them is that we must make economic development in New York sustainable for the long-term and accountable to all of its residents—not just to the interests of wealth and business. On Friday, September 25th, 2015 Chicago Jobs with Justice Solidarity committee members joined Workers United at an informational picket at Barneys New York.

Chicago Jobs with Justice is dedicated to building a strong and progressive labor movement that works in coalition with community, faith and student organizations to win campaigns for workers and social justice. Long Island Wins joined the Long Island Immigrant Alliance, 32BJ, La Fuente, Make the Road New York, Long Island Civic Engagement Table, Long Island Federation of Labor, Long Island Jobs with Justice, CARECEN, Unity Housecleaners, and the Freeport Trailer in Freeport in support of passing fair, commonsense immigration reform that works for everyone. From Los Angeles to New York, May Day this year has been a day of action for immigration reform.
Modeled after the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s, Jobs with Justice brings together a diverse intersection of public sectors to work side by side, building a more powerful and cohesive movement for social change. Allied organizations work together to increase the effectiveness and broaden the impact of each other’s projects, as well as pioneer new coalition driven campaigns.
The Health Care Security campaign is a cutting-edge local policy initiative that offers a solution for New Yorkers who are uninsured and for people whose current healthcare must be protected from declining industry standards. A progressive vision and agenda for economic development is possible—one that creates and preserves good jobs for communities in need, one that builds and maintains what people want in their communities, one that expands and preserves the services people need to live well and healthy, one that generally promotes smart growth and public good in our cities and throughout the state.
States that have passed the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights include California, Connecticut, Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts, and Oregon; we need Illinois to step-up and provide safer working conditions and wages for Domestic Workers.

This year, with immigration reform on the horizon, countless marches and rallies were held across the country, as well as here on Long Island, in support of passing reform that works for everyone.
We work to re-establish basic freedoms in the work place and promote social, racial, and economic justice for all New Yorkers.
To this end, we offer strategic support to social and economic justice projects in New York City, in addition to spearheading several long-term priority campaigns. This policy not only provides greater healthcare to more New Yorkers, but it also creates a model for local government action in regulating private business and ensuring positive economic development in our communities in the face of declining or disappearing national regulations.
But we need to think through how to reshape our efforts consistent with modest resources and the changing digital landscape.

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