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Although average weekly wages increased in all five New York City boroughs, only Manhattan registered wage growth that exceeded the national average. From March 2013 to March 2014, the five New York City counties gained jobs at rates faster than the national average of 1.7 percent. New York City's public school teachers are preparing over a million students across the city for success in college and careers. Teach NYCIf you are new to teaching in New York City, a substitute teacher searching for a full-time teaching appointment, or a former New York City teacher hoping to return to the New York City Department of Education, visit TeachNYC.Pre-Kindergarten Teaching Opportunities in New York CityEarly childhood educators are putting their talents to work in public school and community-based early childhood centers across the city.
Teacher Hiring Support Center (THSC)A resource center for current NYC DOE teachers who are searching for new teaching positions within the DOE. America’s tech companies have for years struggled with filling jobs because of the shortage of people with software and programming skills, but that talent gap has been narrowing, according to a report that job search site Indeed released on Tuesday. The divide between the number of postings and the number of job searches across 18 tech job titles was 40% in August 2015.

That said, while the talent gap stems for an overall shortage of people with software and programming skills, the way in which job seekers are hunting for tech jobs is not helping close the talent gap. New York City ranks eighth in terms of tech job openings, but not nearly as many job hunters look to move to the city since it ranks 11th as the most sought-after city to work in. Queens led the four other New York City boroughs with a weekly wage of $911, which was 11 percent below the national average of $1,027.
The 2013 edition of this publication contains selected data produced by Business Employment Dynamics (BED) on job gains and losses, as well as selected data from the first quarter 2014 version of the national news release.
Tech jobs are continuing to gain social cache, Sinclair adds, but even if such opportunities are coveted by job seekers, there’s a lag time between when people recognize their appeal and when they actually begin applying for them, since they must first gain the appropriate training. Manhattan and Queens each registered annual job gains of 2.5 percent, placing them in the top third of large counties nationwide.
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The emergence of new training forums like Codecademy and Girls Who Code has helped expedite the overall process, Sinclair says.
Manhattan’s wage growth ranked second among the nation’s 339 largest counties, those with 75,000 or more jobs. Interest among job seekers is growing, partly because employers’ have beefed up efforts to make tech jobs more attractive by offering better pay and more work-life balance initiatives, Sinclair says.

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