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Inhabitat is currently seeking a high-energy, uber-organized, detail-oriented operations assistant to help with all of the day-to-day facets of running a small online publishing business. An 1853 help-wanted sign for work on the railroad, which brought New York City laborers to Illinois. The Tourist Union started holding annual Hobo Conventions in different cities around the country to gather yearly dues (one nickel per hobo), recruit new members, and reconnect with old friends. Two men help move a Hotel de Gink, or a hobo shelter run by hoboes, into an old button factory in New York City’s Bowery district on April 8, 1915. Hobo symbols mark the Algiers entrance to the Canal Street Ferry across the Mississippi River in New Orleans. While hoboes were always known for their craftsmanship, in 1913, the new Buffalo or Indian Head nickel gave them a new canvas on which to express themselves. Candidate for the full-time Operations Assistant position must live in New York – the freelance writer job is not location-specific, but we are specifically looking for writers based in New York. Inhabitat is currently looking for a smart and savvy jack-of-all-trades to help run our publishing company, managing everything from advertising campaigns to human resources, small-business clients to editorial projects.
Our Operations Assistant will be responsible for helping to manage business communications, social media, human resources, editorial, advertising campaigns, and business administration.

But back then, a safety net existed in the form of the newly laid railroad, which promised hope to workers willing to trade the comforts of hearth and home for a chance at gainful employment. Factory workers on newly mechanized assembly lines became subject to the whims of the global economy: When supply surpassed demand, low-skilled laborers were laid off. Every year, they would elect a new King, Queen, Crown Prince, Crown Princess, and Grand Head Pipe of the Hoboes. The thick, wide profile of a Native American chief on the coin let hoboes carve new faces onto the coin, and these artworks would sell for 25 cents, or five times their worth.
Hoboes raised money for the structure, and with the help of Britt residents, built it in 1992. A background in writing, design or publishing is helpful, excellent written and verbal communication is a must.
Other marks told hoboes whether the place had help for the sick, or if the woman of the house would hand you some food.
The City of Britt has its own Hobo Committee, which puts on the festivities for the Hobo Convention in downtown Britt. If you (or someone you know) are passionate about sustainable design, and want to work for an exciting and fast-growing publishing company focused on design innovation, we want to hear from you!

It is not location-specific, but we are specifically favoring candidates in NYC who we can occasionally meet with us in our New York City offices. The idea spread across the country, and Davis opened several more himself, in Tacoma, Portland, and New York City. If you have trouble on the road and a hobo sees you with that monkey’s fist, he will help you or help you find someone who can help you.
As more single women moved to the city to work as clerks and maids in the early 20th century, they would often take rooms at low-rent hotels on the main stem. It was at the jungles that new hoboes would learn the ropes of hoboing from older, more experienced men, as well as stories and songs.

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