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According to the 2013 Infinite Dial Report by Edison Research, media usage is not a zero-sum game. To do that, you’ll need to understand these 6 emerging trends that will have a significant impact on your marketing strategies.
Your goal as a marketer should be to distribute content across as many types of media and platforms as your budget can allow.
Keep in mind that capturing your customers’ attention will become harder as media multitasking becomes the new normal. Post social media content that is easy to consume and interact with on the go; for example, more images, brief posts, easy-to-execute calls to action.
The same research pointed to the top 3 types of content that are working best for marketers: social posts and updates (83%), email newsletters (78%) and news or feature articles (67%).
Branded content on users' news feeds presents significant opportunities and challenges for marketers. We know that photos already make up 50% of news feed stories, and that images will continue to grow in importance.
Invest in eye-catching, high-quality photos that will be pulled into users’ news feeds when they interact with your Page.
Although Facebook is at the top of the social media world, the Edison report shows that Twitter is getting more popular. If you know how media fragmentation works and how to engage with consumers across multiple channels and devices, you’ll maximize value for your brand. Very well-written article that I plan to reference during my social media training sessions.
The great thing about social media is you can experiment with platforms and find out for yourself where your customers hang out. In Nielsen and McKinsey’s Social Media Report, consumers were surveyed to discover how they use social networks.
The survey found that consumers are increasingly looking to their smartphones and tablets to access social media.
While the PC is still the most widely used device when it comes to social media consumption, the study found that time spent on mobile apps and mobile websites accounted for a 63% increase (compared to 2011) in total time spent.
Additionally, 43% of users said they use smartphones to access social media, while 16% connect using a tablet.

One of the most interesting findings in this survey was that 76% of participants said they experienced positive feelings after engaging in social networking.
Social care is a way for companies to provide regular customer service through social media platforms. Generally a Like is the most common action taken after seeing a social ad (26%), followed by a share (15%) and a product purchase (14%). Key Takeaway: Because advertising on social media is more annoying than other digital areas, marketers should proceed with caution and make sure their ads are highly relevant and targeted. Key takeaway: We tend to think of social listening as something only marketers and research analysts do. As I expected in the beginning this social marketing is liked not because of dollars but because one can sit and spread IT! A new survey by HubSpot, “Uncovering Marketing Benchmarks from 7,000 Businesses,” reveals that small business benefit the greatest from blog articles in terms of both new leads and traffic. Today’s socially-enabled employees like to share content, including content related to their employers. She is the co-author of best selling book, The Social Employee, (McGraw-Hill, 2013) that includes success stories from IBM, AT&T, Dell, Cisco, Southwest Airlines, and Adobe, hailed by management guru, Tom Peters as his favorite #1 social business book.
Hashtags will also open up new advertising opportunities for marketers, including the ability to advertise directly to users who have used or clicked on a particular hashtag.
She is the Social Media Manager at US Pharmacopeia, a public standards setting organization.
I also understand that literary agents and publishers will review an author’s social media networks to see the strength of their platform.
This news coming on the same day I saw another study that says the fastest growing demographic on Twitter is 45-54 year olds.
I could use this to help some of my clients understand the importance of what social media can do for them. When people hear about Twitter everyday, whether on TV, radio newspapers etc., that kind of platform exposure is something marketers should pay attention to. The platform had the highest increase in audience and time spent of any social network across all devices such as PC, mobile web and apps.
However, 21% reported negative sentiments after social networking; examples are overwhelmed, anxious and wasted time.

The study revealed that one in three social media users prefers social care to contacting a company by phone. While 33% of people surveyed find ads on social networks to be annoying, 26% are more likely to pay attention to an ad posted by a friend. As far as demographics go, the study found that Asian-American consumers were the most likely to respond positively to social ads, while white consumers were the most likely to be turned off by social media advertising.
I now consider LinkedIn the most important social network of all because what works better than anything else in life is personal recommendations and that is where LinkedIn excels. This holiday season, consumers are going to be buying more new gadgets that will change the marketing dialogue between brands and consumers and test businesses’ ability to engage. They interact with brands on their news feed, which is where opportunities and challenges lie for marketers. Like some other commenters, I am curious about those social networking service numbers, but I’ll check out the research link you provided. Having these visual representations reminds us just how powerful social media, the Internet and emerging platforms really are in our everyday lives. It will be the challenge how to use social media fitting to a company’s goal and audiences. As a marketer, you should be very interested in gathering and analyzing sentiment data to see if your social messages are producing the desirable outcomes you’re looking for.
If you can get social care right, you will create a wide gap between your brand and your competition.
This is an opportunity for marketers to educate consumers through compelling content, improve customer experiences (using social care) and maintain strong customer relationships to uphold a positive brand image.
I would be interested to find out how their business model works compared to other social media platforms..

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