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The Norton Community site has very limited support for IE8 and no support for versions older than IE8. Many of the headlines for the latest Pew Center research study of teens and privacy and social media have mistakenly described teens as leaving Facebook for Twitter.
You’ll note there isn’t an actual decline in the number of teens on social networking sites, just a nice uptick for Twitter.
The study wasn’t just about cataloguing the current fashions for social media apps and services. Teens are uploading lots of private information like their real names, photos, school names, cell numbers and email addresses. I asked my own children about how they and their friends use Facebook and other social media. A new report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, Cable in the Classroom, and Family Online Safety Institute.
Social media use has become so pervasive in the lives of American teens that having a presence on a social network site is almost synonymous with being online.
We focused our attention in this research on social network sites because we wanted to understand the types of experiences teens are having there and how they are addressing negative behavior when they see it or experience it. Internet use is nearly universal among American teens; 95% of those ages 12-17 are internet users, up slightly from November 2004 (when 87% of teens went online). In addition to asking about general social media usage, we also included a question on our July survey asking about the specific social media sites on which teens have actually created an account. LJ and ER&L present an exceptional roster of library and user experience (UX) experts for our newest online course, Digital UX Workshop: Crafting Exceptional Digital Experiences for the User-Centered Library. Teenagers use Facebook by far more than any other social media site and have over 400 friends on it.

According to the report, 95 percent of teens (12 – 17) use the internet, and 81 percent of them use social media sites.
Since 2011, the number of teen social media users who visit the sites “several times a day” has not changed in any significant way; 40% said they have visited the sites several times per day in 2011 and 42% reported that in the current survey. Attend Marketing Land's SocialPro conference and learn fresh new strategies and tactics from some of the savviest brands and digital marketing agencies managing earned, owned and paid social media marketing campaigns across multiple platforms. And they got a little cagey when I pressed for information about what they are doing on sites or apps they don’t think I use or new ones I might not know about. We further sought insight into more serious experiences that teens have in their lives, including bullying both on- and offline and the exchange of sexually charged digital images.
Internet usage is higher among teens than among adults as a whole (as of August 2011, 78% of all adults go online), although internet adoption rates among adults ages 18-29 are identical to those found among teens. In this sample, 70% of teen internet users say they go online daily: 46% do so several times a day and an additional 24% do so about once a day. Overall, Facebook is the dominant social media site among teens, as 93% of teen social media users have a Facebook account. Facebook is by far the most heavily adopted social site, with 94 percent of social media teens reporting they have a profile there. Overall, teens tend to be somewhat more open and share more information than they did in 2006. In 2011, 24% of teen social media users visited the sites “about once a day,” while 25% reported doing so in the current survey. Among teen girls who are social media users, 48% say they visit social networking sites several times per day, compared with 36% of teen boys. He writes a personal blog, Screenwerk, about connecting the dots between digital media and real-world consumer behavior.

Concerns about privacy are rampant in the online space, with more sites selling ads, tracking our site visits, collecting our friend lists and reporting our geo-location sometimes with but often without our knowledge. MySpace ranks a distant second in overall usage, with 24% of teen social media users having an account on this site. In addition, those with larger Facebook networks also tend to participate in a broader array of social sites, not just Facebook.
The very reasonable explanation from teens themselves is that there are too many parents and other adults and social media can harbor peer-driven “drama”. Many teens like the perceived anonymity of Twitter, if only that the average teen has just 79 followers.
It’s also normal for our kids to want to explore, play and experiment with technology and social environments. The proportion of teen internet users who go online several times a day has nearly doubled since November 2004 (at that point, 24% of teen internet users reported going online several times a day) and has increased by 10 percentage points since September 2009, when 36% of teen internet users reported going online multiple times per day. This has made it sometimes a difficult environment, and teens are mixing it up with new apps and sites .
Turns out teens care quite a bit but their steps to manage their online privacy may feel different from the steps adults take. They are joining social media services like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and enjoying the more immediate or more fun activities each of those are known for.

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