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Average New Business Sales Consultant salaries for job postings in Birmingham, AL are 10% lower than average New Business Sales Consultant salaries for job postings nationwide.
Average New Restaurant Opening Soon Crew Member salaries for job postings in Birmingham, AL are 10% lower than average New Restaurant Opening Soon Crew Member salaries for job postings nationwide. Average New Business Operation salaries for job postings in Birmingham, AL are 10% lower than average New Business Operation salaries for job postings nationwide. Looked at this way, the recovery may not have been exactly jobless, but it has certainly been dominated far by poor quality, low-paying jobs.
The third map looks at the rate of growth of low-wage jobs, those between the federal minimum wage and $13.84. Also on this list are several metros hard hit by the crisis but that appear to be recovering the high-wage jobs they lost, including Detroit, Phoenix, and Pittsburgh.
The first map in this section tracks the percentage of overall job growth that stems from high-wage jobs. Both overall job growth and the growth of high-wage jobs are associated with several key factors that reflect the strength of high-skill knowledge economies, according to Mellander’s analysis. The next map looks at the share of total job growth that mid-wage jobs accounted for in the country’s largest metro areas. Across the country and in virtually every large metro area, low-wage jobs have propelled the recovery.

Though low-wage jobs made up less than one in five (19 percent) of all employment in 2009, they accounted for nearly 40 percent (39 percent) of all new jobs created out to 2013. The first set of maps charts the rate of growth of high, medium, and low-wage jobs for these 52 metros. Philadelphia, Buffalo and Hartford also had negative growth rates for high-wage jobs, meaning their high-wage sector lost ground over the course of the recovery. Many of the same metros that saw significant growth in high-wage jobs also saw significant growth in low and mid-wage jobs.
To put the economy and job market back on track, America needs a two-fold strategy for creating more good jobs and also for upgrading the millions of low-wage service jobs our economy is generating.
Four metros saw 8 percent growth in high-wage jobs: Salt Lake City, Raleigh-Cary, Houston and Dallas. Other top metros were largely the same cities that saw huge overall job increases — Austin (9 percent growth in mid-wage jobs), Nashville and Houston (both 8 percent), Salt Lake City and Detroit (both 7 percent), and Dallas and San Jose (6 percent each).
Some are substantially above the fitted line.These metros have rates of high-wage job growth that are significantly above what their low-wage job growth would predict. These include metros like Las Vegas that were hard hit by the housing crisis, still-lagging Rustbelt metros like Buffalo and Milwaukee, and struggling New Orleans.
A full 63 percent of new jobs added since 2009 are well-paying, largely high-human-capital positions.

Surprisingly, while energy economies have experiences substantial overall job growth over the course of the recovery, Mellander found no statistical association between high-wage job growth and employment in oil and gas industries. The real geographic difference comes among metros that have managed to both see significant job growth and create more well-paying positions to go along with this low-wage, low-skill boom. But troublingly, there are some places where low-wage positions have constituted the great bulk of recent job growth. The metro areas that lost ground in these stable, mid-wage jobs were Virginia Beach (-2 percent) and Cincinnati, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Kansas City and Hartford (each of which saw a -1 percent change in mid-wage jobs). But the list also includes large metros like New York, which has seen its job market polarize into high-wage and low-wage jobs. But even with an uptick in manufacturing jobs, the labor market continues to cleave into high-wage knowledge and low-wage service jobs.
Louis, New Orleans, Riverside and Rochester where low wage jobs have made up the bulk of new job creation.

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