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I am writing this post about the best network marketing books because leaders are readers in the network marketing space. I personally love to read and I have read some really great network marketing books in the past several years. Mike Dillard also goes into the details about how to turn your network marketing company into a real business for yourself.
In Magnetic Sponsoring Mike shares how to turn your network marketing business into a real business and how to get paid for prospecting.He calls this the funded proposal. Online MLM Marketing By Rob Fore This book is very similar to Magnetic sponsoring by Mike Dillard but it has more of an internet twist.
Go Pro by Eric Worre takes my third spot in this list only because Rob Fore's book is so close to Magnetic Sponsoring and his internet twist makes his book valuable.

Top Earner Secrets by Ray and Jessica Higdon This book focuses not only on techniques but on your mind set.
I have audios that I recommend specifically for network marketers who want to make money online. Rob fore is an expert at search engine optimization and though almost every concept in the book seems to be taken from Magnetic Sponsoring it is worth picking up because of the unique view Rob has on marketing online.
Eric Worre is a master network marketer in his own right and in this book he breaks down the 7 skills you will need to master as a network marketer. He is a great teacher and in this book he rewrites the famous book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I overcame my initial bias, tested the network marketing waters for years and only recently decided to become a network marketing professional.

It is an interesting perspective and Ray also has one of my favorite network marketing blogs. This book is full of powerful insight into how to use questions to get at the heart of people's problems and then you can offer a solution to their problem by sharing your opportunity with your prospect! He share similar stories and he shares stories that are the network marketing equivalent so you can see clearly how to apply Napoleon Hill's 13 principles into your network marketing business.

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