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Two NEISD schools, Lopez and Tejeda middle schools earned the School to Watch National Award in 2013. In addition to building 21st century schools and facilities, North East also develops 21st century classrooms by providing the latest technology opportunities for students.
Educational specialists from the National Archives and the Amon Carter Museum also served on the institute faculty, providing participants with facsimiles of historic documents and works of art that support the teaching of U.S.

Educational specialists from the Institute of Texan Cultures and the Amon Carter Museum guided teachers in using historic documents and works of art to teach U.S. Las Lomas and Vineyard Ranch, NEISD’s two newest elementary schools, opened their doors to students in January 2013.
In classrooms today, you will find teachers instructing with laptops, iPads, smartboards and smart projectors.

The NEISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously to name the new campus after World War II fighter pilot and combat ace David Lee “Tex” Hill in June 2013.

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