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Testimonial“When I found myself without a job at nearly 53 years old, I was scared, unsure and worried about being able to get another one. I’ve taken these steps, used them faithfully and found a job much sooner than I ever have before. Contact the manager listed with the job that interests you by e-mail (listed by the job) or you can go visit them.
If you are looking for a job, please do NOT leave phone messages for the supervisor during the first week of the semester.
The economy may be improving faster than expected, but the numbers on economists’ charts often feel slow to translate to real-life job availability. When you lost your white-collar job, perhaps you lost it forever, now you need another job in order to pay your bills.

For men: There is always a need for good painters, bank tellers, construction laborers and persons who do gardening and landscaping. If you cannot find a suitable job working for someone else, you may find it beneficial to become self-employed. Face-to-face contact, however, is evidently the best way to convince individuals and representatives of firms that they need what you have to offer. Nineteenth-century Russian literature is all well and good, but knowing Pushkin’s not gonna land you that IT job. Participation in such programs, or in traditional internships, can also help new job seekers discover wider opportunities in their prospective career field. And now, in the name of transparency, the company’s set up a hub to detail its political engagement.

In some areas, drivers are in demand for school buses, various small trucking jobs and to deliver newspapers.
But for the moment at least, older, more experienced workers are still delaying or coming out of retirement, often in direct competition with fresh-faced workers for entry-level jobs.

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