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Average Animal Care Worker Nebraska salaries for job postings in Bloomfield, NE are 20% lower than average Animal Care Worker Nebraska salaries for job postings nationwide. Average Patient Access Representative Part Time At St Mary Hospital salaries for job postings in Nebraska City, NE are 15% lower than average Patient Access Representative Part Time At St Mary Hospital salaries for job postings nationwide. A commonly used resource for tracking changes in jobs and income at the county level is the Regional Economic Information System (REIS) data base produced annually by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). In this issue of Cornhusker Economics, we will use REIS data to examine changes in employment between 2008 and 2012 for Nebraska counties.
As depicted in Figure 1, 71 of Nebraska's 93 counties did indeed see increases in total full-and part-time employment between 2008 and 2012.
Wage and salary jobs, which include tax withholding and employee benefits, have been seen as a more desirable employment type and are often what is meant when economic developers speak of job creation. According to the BEA, the period 2008 to 2012 was characterized by widespread losses of wage and salary jobs.
Nonfarm proprietor numbers, on the other hand, increased nearly everywhere in Nebraska between 2008 and 2012. This variation from the long-term trend of Metropolitan counties leading Nebraska's total job growth may or may not indicate an actual shift in where Nebraska's jobs are being created. What is clear, however, is that wage and salary jobs (which still total about 80-percent of all Nebraska jobs), are steadily being replaced; by self-employment.

According to those data, the State of Nebraska added 6,376 total full-and part-time jobs over those five years. Job losses where they did exist tended to be associated with Metropolitan and Micropolitan core counties and were, in some cases, quite sizeable.
According to these data, jobs in Metropolitan counties saw a net decline of 1,178 jobs between 2008 and 2012, while Non-Metropolitan counties saw total jobs increase  by 7,754. Utilizing these data, all jobs are classified either as wage and salary jobs, nonfarm proprietor jobs or farm proprietor jobs.
In fact, only three counties saw a decline in the number of nonfarm proprietors (a total loss of 19 jobs). The data from 2008 to 2012 could well be simply an aberration caused by the latest recession with displaced wage and salary workers replacing those jobs with independent contracting and thus changing their employment classification. As seen in Figure 5, in 2012 there were five counties in which the majority of all jobs represented nonfarm self-employment. It is a weakness in REIS data that one cannot distinguish between full-time and part-time jobs.
Even in Non-Metropolitan Nebraska, it was the more rural counties that were responsible for the observed net increase in total jobs.
For the last several decades, the long-term trend has been for both farm proprietor and wage and salary jobs to decline in number, while earnings per job increased.

Losses of wage and salary jobs were wide spread, with only Nebraska's most rural counties experiencing an exception to that trend.
While the most recent recession may not have actually led to overall job losses in Nebraska, it may; have accelerated the trend toward greater self-employment, and this may be especially true in rural portions of the state.
The fastest rates of job growth were in fact Nebraska's most rural "Frontier" counties, which have no community of 2,500 or larger and a population density of less than 6 per square mile. At the same time, nonfarm proprietor jobs have increased in number, while earnings per job have declined. Again, Non-Metropolitan counties led this growth, accounting for the addition of 10,951 nonfarm proprietor jobs with the greatest growth occurring in the most rural counties. By comparison, 7,149 nonfarm proprietor jobs were added to Nebraska's demographically much larger Metropolitan counties.

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