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If this sounds like you, we are always glad to hear from developers, web & graphic designers, design architects, sales specialists, and project managers with a good resume.
Average Multimedia Designer salaries for job postings nationwide are 4% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide. Projects that used to take many long days or months, such as designing a publication with letterpresses and typography, can be put together in a fraction of the time using drafting computer software called CAD (computer assisted drawing).
Multimedia designers employ new media, the medium of digital communication, for a variety of purposes. As new technology is developed, the opportunities for graphics and multimedia professionals will continue to fan out with more and more variations. Most of the work, whether salary or freelance, will involve directing a project for a client, such as designing a Web site or large multimedia project.
The nature of multimedia projects is often that several people with complementary skill sets are required to realize the project. Business skills that are essential for multimedia freelancers include finding a niche in the extremely varied field, having the ability to market and promote your services, achieving set goals and exceeding client expectations. Expressing a genuine interest in computer technology and an authentic curiosity for its possible applications in the realms of art and design will set you apart in a career field that is saturated with both opportunities and opportunists.
As mentioned above, graphics and multimedia exists at the crossroads of two disciplines, one ancient and one young: art and computer technology. With the prevalence of distance learning programs today, many institutions offer online degree programs in graphics and multimedia. This is a program specially designed to equip graduates with a thorough knowledge of computer programming.
The following is a list and description of some of the specializations in the field of graphics and multimedia.
Multimedia artists work with story boards to compose motion pictures, advertising, and animated features.
Clients and members of the multimedia design team working on a specific project use the systems analyst as a technical consultant. Programmers are fluent in the language of computer code that works to design and manipulate programs.

Some suggestions I give to young designers that may help them avoid costly errors when starting their design career. Design props, sets and costumes; direct set assistants on design interpretations, and advise on other areas of technical production such as lighting and sound in order to make sure that production sets resemble your designs and meet requirements. With a proper working knowledge of how desktop publishing software works, graphic designers can format and combine text, numerical data, photographs, charts, and other visual elements to prepare the document to go straight to the presses. The relevance of multimedia to our current society and the effect that new technology may have on future social trends cannot be underestimated.
The efforts of graphics and multimedia designers and programmers largely shape much of how we perceive ourselves in our contemporary culture. Your ability to work well with others to realize a common vision while contributing your unique insights can keep the jobs coming to you. The realization of a multimedia project usually involves the cooperation of members of a team of specialists. The text must be readable as the content of the Web site or advertisement as well as being effective as a design element. Graphic artists deal with static images including basic layout, logo design, and combining text and image for literature.
Compared to seeing, hearing is a passive sense, but the audio layer can make or break a multimedia project.
However, many of the opportunities in the field of graphics and multimedia are best suited to self-employment or freelance services.
As the world advances technologically, even the traditional working materials of the graphic designer such as rulers, pencils, and lettering stencils are being replaced by highly efficient computer programs. The recent overlapping of the skills of design, typography, video, audio, and animation has birthed a hybrid profession referred to as multimedia.
The visual dominance of our digital age, as seen in web site design for example, is produced by multimedia designers.
The programs listed below give a summary of two possible routes that will lead you to careers in graphics and multimedia. Associate's degree programs serve as a ground level introduction to the career path of the multimedia designer.

The BFA in Computer Arts and New Media will provide students with guidance from trained graphics artists and experts in web site design and graphics programs. Staying current with trends in computer technology is essential for this aspect of the multimedia profession, so real-world applications is a focus for this course. Editors and authors usually have a specialized knowledge as well as experience in relevant design software.
Those involved in large multimedia projects such as films and animation understand that sound is absolutely critical to the realization of a project. While it is considerably less financially stable to work as a freelance multimedia designer, the advantage of self-employment is having the chance to specialize your work according to your interests. This new technology has not rendered the graphic designer obsolete, but only serves as a new tool for the designer to employ in his or her craft. As this sort of multimedia technology finds new niches in society, more skilled and talented professionals will be required to utilize this new technology.
Therefore the skills of the designer must include the ability to perform multiple tasks and retain a total vision of a project.
The project manager keeps the big picture in mind and clears the pathways so that the specialists can do their jobs.
Graduates should have designed and developed a substantial product by the completion of the course under the supervision of an instructor. Exercises in creative problem solving provide students with the ability to discover solutions to design challenges.
These are the basic tools that they will need to work as a multimedia designer in the business world.

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