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But, despite employing the ever popular Ant and Dec to highlight its freshness and focus on quality, Morrisons has been losing ground. Britain's fourth largest food retailer is creating 1,000 jobs for unemployed people, some of whom were formerly homeless or particularly vulnerable in other ways. Morrisons is working with an organisation called Create which will work with homeless people to get them to join the supermarket's training scheme.

Caernarfon mayor Tudor Owen said: “It’s good that so many people are applying for jobs in Caernarfon, but it’s a shame that there were only five jobs for them. The jobs in the warehouse, checkout, produce, grocery and fresh-food pre-pack sections were recently advertised at the Morrisons store in Caernarfon – and are still to be filled. She added that Asda will be opening a new store in Bangor in November and will be recruiting for 200 jobs.

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