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Canadian Moms OnlineProviding Friendship & Fun to Canadian Moms ~ Sanity Saver Since 2006!Follow Us! Canadian Moms Online is a super friendly mommy resource site & community forum for moms across Canada. Join us and meet fellow Canadian moms in our highly monitored, spam free and most important non-judgmental community forum. You will also find information on parenting, relationships, mommy time, homemaking, hobbies, health, well being and many other things that will help you find balance and joy in your life as a mom. Mommy MomentsWhat Moms Really Want For Mother’s DayMay 8, 2015 By Britt Raposo This Mother’s Day, as usual, Mom will probably receive her fair share of painted pasta necklaces and tissue paper flowers.

5 Tips For Working At Home With BabyFebruary 1, 2015 By Britt Raposo If you’re a WAHM, you know it’s not easy to both take care of baby and get any work done. Being a mom is an amazing and rewarding experience and Canadian Moms Online is here to help you along this wonderful journey. Or find other moms groups in your local area to plan playdates, coffee dates and other fun gatherings. Homemade gifts are truly some of the best gifts a mom can receive, but there might be a little something else on her wish list. If you have young children at home—children too young to have their own credit card that is—then this is for you.

The best gift is a thoughtful gift, so don’t run off to the grocery store for the last bouquet of wilted flowers.
Please consider adding your business name, url, description & contact info to our Canadian Moms Directory. Sometimes, the biggest time hole in your day can be not knowing what to work on when you actually have a few minutes.

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