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The skills acquired on this course, together with the communications and IT training provided will give graduates opportunities to consider careers in areas such as; Radio and TV Production, Journalism, Teaching, Publishing, New media and Corporate Production. Apart from preparing you for a range of communication professions, it will also teach you about the changing role of media and journalism within society and its relationship to consumer culture, democracy, and everyday life in a globalised world.
The degrees courses are flexible enough to allow students to focus on those areas that interest them the most, whether it’s making video news reports, online journalism, designing advertising or public relations campaigns. Curriculums are responsive to current issues and developments, meaning you will be introduced to modern theories and techniques in media practice. Another reason that I want to study this subject is that finding a job in the media industry is tough and competitive.
I understand that to get a job in the media, you need to have practical experience just as much as a qualification.

Right now my ambition is work in media and to this end I have chosen your highly regarded institution to achieve my goal. I have chosen to study at your university because you have a growing reputation in media studies, and I believe that I can benefit from the contacts that you have developed in all areas of journalism and media. You will explore the media as a source of information, entertainment and identity, by studying the content, rise and power of global media companies. Students will also have considerable intellectual freedom and choice when choosing their modules, with specialist options built into programmes to enable a greater degree of personal exploration.
To me this is my first real step towards a career in the communication and media industries.
All my work experience and academic achievements to date now make me feel fully prepared to start degree program.

You will be studying the media in an academic way, looking at its history, how it influences people and society, and the different methods of interpreting it.
To this effect I recently took a temporary job as a Media Assistant with a publishing company. Many media studies degree courses offer crossovers with other subjects such as communication studies, English and politics, with some universities offering joint honours degrees that combine media studies with other subjects. I was involved in media planning and buying, as well as using social media to publicise the company and build its brand.

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